College Republicans do not support, circulate petition for

To the Daily:

College Republicans in no way endorses or encourages support of
the Michigan Civil Rights Initiative, as your editorial suggests
(Ballot’s language misleading, 02/12/04). The Michigan
Republican Committee has publicly stated that this issue is not
supported by the party, and it is not supported by our College
Republicans chapter either. Our organization has not collected
signatures for this initiative, nor will collect signatures in the
future. We have not distributed a single flier, quarter sheet or
piece of literature to support the ballot proposal, nor will we
ever, unless the State Republican Party endorses the measure.
Furthermore, we would never misrepresent Martin Luther King Jr. in
such a manner as you suggested. College Republicans strives to be a
compassionate organization that welcomes new members, rather than
offending the student population as many of these posters do. We
are an organization established to educate our members about
Republican ideals, and to serve as the voice of the Republican
Party on campus. Our organization would appreciate it if the Daily
would take five minutes to contact student organizations in the
future, before writing factually incorrect editorials against

Stephen MacGudwin

LSA senior

President, College Republicans


Israel and V-Day make inappropriate bedfellows

To the Daily:

Passing out condoms for V-Day is a great way to promote safe sex
awareness, but condoms wrapped in an Israeli flag and the message:
“Israel: It’s still safe to come” is simply
repulsive and unnecessary (Strange Bedfellows? Israel Activism
and V-Day
, 02/12/04). It is ridiculous to assume that
handing out condoms with such a message will promote serious
conversation about the state of Israel. It is more logical to
conclude that much of the conversation will revolve among already
informed students questioning the implications of the campaign and
the students who designed it. Where is the link for a person
interested in protected sex and the Israeli flag, or any national
symbol for that matter, other than a catchy slogan? This campaign
is degrading, offensive and disrespectful to the country that many
student activists give their hearts and souls to support.

While the intentions of this campaign may be good, supporters of
Israel need to be careful about the public presentation of the
country that we love, especially when a message is sent to many
people without a clear understanding of historical and political
contexts. What’s next? A promotion of Jewish holidays with
lubricant stating, “Menorah oil, enabling miracles to
happen?” Or more condoms from opponents of Israel stating,
“Screw the Jews?” Sam, I love you to death, but Israel
and condoms shouldn’t even be written in the same

Monica Woll

LSA freshman

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