“Irresponsible reporting” harming Vieques

To the Daily:

What do you have to do with the bombing on Vieques? It”s obvious that you know nothing about it, but that doesn”t seem to prevent you taking a stance and espousing an uneducated, incorrect opinion.

I have lived here for seven years and have found Vieques to be one of the hidden treasures of the Caribbean. The island was quiet, laid back and full of friendly people, most of whom welcomed or at least accepted the Navy presence here. (You should do some research on how the Navy came to be here.)

There is no evidence that there is a higher incident of cancer here. There is no proof that if there was a higher incidence of cancer it would be caused by the Navy. The Navy is not killing off the sea life or the animal or plant species living on land.

What is harming Vieques? It”s the irresponsible reporting by the media. A few radicals have started the “Fuera La Marina” movement and fed sensational propaganda to the media who have jumped on it like stink on shit. When the media hype begins to die the protestors rekindle the fire with new absurdities.

One thing that is correct: The people of Vieques are suffering, but not as a result of the Navy”s presence. Tourism, the main industry here has dropped off significantly since the adverse lime light has shone here. And everyone has been suffering either directly or indirectly from it. Thanks to articles like your editorial.

That”s what happening here. I would you suggest that you get your facts in order, possibly do a little research, prior to picking up the banner and waving it. If you”re interested in the truth, sometime you have to hunt a little. If you”re interested in media hype keep up the good work.

D.H. Johnson

Vieques, Puerto Rico

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