No show represents our generation like Beverly Hills 90210

Paul Wong
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To the Daily:

Day to day we usually find your newspaper to be informative and entertaining. But in terms of the March 12″s “tournament” of the greatest TV shows of all time, we must say there has been an oversight. We think it is wonderful to see a fellow cast member”s show such as Saved By the Bell and to see Silver Spoons was not forgotten. But the glaring error in which we speak of is the one and only Beverly Hills 90210.

How can one say there was a show that better represented our generation than 90210? What else inspired shows such as Party of Five, Dawson”s Creek, and the other forgotten masterpiece of Melrose Place? There is no other show on your list that has four hours of reruns on five days a week, not to mention encore presentations on the weekend. There is no show from the past or none other that will have the dominating impact than BH 90210!

Some of the greatest actors of our time such as Hilary Swank, David Arquette, Dean Cain, Lucy Liu and Vincent Young all began on 90210. Not to mention the musical acts of GooGoo Dolls, Bare Naked Ladies and Monica all launched their careers at the Afterdark! We find this to be a misrepresentation and we take personal offense.

Kathleen Gilbert

LSA junior

Michigamua does not receive preferential treatment

To the Daily:

After reading the Daily”s editorial “Still Unresolved: Michigamua cannot enjoy special status,” (3/13/01) I can”t help but question the line of reasoning that the Editorial staff is using.

The chief complaint that the editorial makes about Michigamua is that they have office space in a University-owned building. How is this preferential treatment? A quick glance at the webpage of the Michigan Union yields nearly a half dozen student groups that have office space granted to them, including the Michigan Student Assembly and the Office of Greek Life. By the Daily”s logic, these groups should also give up their offices, since the very fact that they have private offices (with a lock on the door, nonetheless!) shows that they”re receiving preferential treatment.

Obviously, that”s a ridiculous statement. The Michigan Student Assembly and the Office of Greek Life are two useful organizations. But, it could be argued, so is Michigamua. Just because they decide to stick with a mildly racist 19th Century name for their organization doesn”t mean that they should be shorted out of having offices in a University building.

As the Daily states in the editorial, “Michigamua has the right to do what they want…” Disagreeing with their name or practices shouldn”t disqualify them a University affiliated student group from receiving the benefits that are granted to other groups.

Jonathan Janego

LSA junior

Writer wants to know impact of MSA

To the Daily:

Please think of this as an open invitation to inform a rather naive student. Simply put, how does the Michigan Student Assembly actually impact the student body? I have been at the University since fall 1997 and will be graduating this April, and unfortunately I am unaware of what it is that MSA actually does. In other words, I am curious to know how MSA has affected me, or the student body at large, during my four years of undergraduate studies.

It is an absolute shame that I am uninvolved in almost everything dealing with the campus, unless one can include cheering on the football team, and further it is a pity I merely perceive MSA as a group of individuals handing out colorful pieces of paper on the Diag, taping fliers all about campus, and designing elaborate chalk drawings on each and every sidewalk stretching from the MLB to Ulrich”s.

My lasting memory of MSA when all is said and done, in all likelihood, will pertain to Hideki Tsutsumi”s antics in seeking election to MSA. I suppose if I bothered to read the Daily”s articles covering MSA, then I would have somewhat of a notion as to what MSA stands for and diligently strives to achieve. Yet, I tend to ignore and skip over articles of this sort in place of other subject matter, such as crime notes.

To reiterate, this is nothing more than an inquiry intended to enlighten a rather naive student who has chosen to remain uninformed and in the dark during his four years at the University.

I apologize for my lack of interest up to this point, however maybe someone out there will do me a favor and elaborate upon MSA”s overall impact during the past four years.

Kyle Mazurek

LSA senior

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