Election Board foolish, motivated by politics let DAAP back in race

To the Daily:

I think that it is atrocious that candidates for the Michigan Student Assembly can be thrown off the ballot for missing a meeting. I have been to a dozen of those election meetings and they are all the same. Every year the Residence Hall Association comes and complains about how candidates violate housing policy. These four year dorm residents/wannabe MSA reps whine about how students are annoyed and how posters are a waste. Big deal!

I don”t like the Defend Affirmative Action Party, but if their candidates are not allowed back on to the ballot a serious injustice has been done. For years now the MSA Election Board has been composed of partisan know-nothings who get off on writing arbitrary policy usually designed to help their friends get elected. It is time to reign in the Election Board and come up with a comprehensive election policy supported by the students. For all the bitching MSA does in regards to the evil Code of Student Conduct, you would think they would create an election code that is not based on the same principles control, censorship and Big Brotherly love. God help me let DAAP run.

Rory Diamond

LSA senior

The letter writer ran for the Michigan Student Assembly presidency under the Wolverine Party last year. Diamond, along with other members of his party were tossed out of last year”s election by MSA”s Election Board.

DAAP didn”t respect the rules, “must sit this round out”

To the Daily:

For a long time now I have listened to the political ramblings of the Defend Affirmative Action Party and its members here at the University. In all honesty, I am very tired of the incessant political opportunism taken by some of the members of this party in its attempts to gain seats on the Michigan Student Assembly. Affirmative Action is indeed a serious issue here at the University and DAAP”s continued use of this issue to put a spotlight on the key members of their party is irresponsible and extremely inappropriate.

Last Tuesday a mandatory candidates meeting was called which several DAAP candidates did not attend. It was a simple request. The failure of these candidates not to inform the necessary officials in the necessary time frame shows a lack of responsibility on the part of those candidates. This lack of responsibility for the rules established by the election board should show all of us that DAAP is unworthy of being a dominant party on MSA. Yes indeed, this is a democracy, but a key aspect of that democracy is that everyone must follow the rules. This is not an anarchy where rules can be disregarded or made on a whim. DAAP did not respect those rules and should not be given a second chance by the Central Student Judiciary. I am sorry, but for those that chose not to attend, you must sit this round out.

In the meantime I am sure that DAAP will continue to shout “racism” at everyone who stands in its way. It”s time to stop such foolish rhetoric that is being used for political gains. If DAAP truly cares about what it says it stands for then they should constructively address problems at this school instead of incessantly tying up MSA meetings with an issue that they know well and good they cannot do anything about in a small student assembly. I encourage them to continue to promote public awareness of the trials, but keep the racial politics out of MSA and let MSA deal with solvable and realistically addressable issues that affect students on a daily basis. The election of our student officials should be taken more seriously and the first step to achieving that goal is to not listen to the political opportunism of DAAP.

Mike Carroll

LSA first-year student

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