Embryonic stem cell research proponents mince words

In the ongoing debate over Proposal 2, its advocates, especially University President Mary Sue Coleman, seem to be leaning heavily on fronting their arguments with “the truth about stem cell research.” The problems begin right there. These proponents all too often forget the critical word, “embryonic.”

To quote a recent television ad from “Vote YES on Prop 2” ad, “Doctors, scientists and nurses all agree that stem cell research is the future of medicine.” Sure, they agree stem cell research is, but the line is conveniently missing the buzzword of this debate. The truth is, more and more scientists see adult stem cell research as the future of medicine. As long as a year ago, research had shown us that scientists could do with adult stem cells everything they thought they could only do with embryonic ones.

Coleman is fond of reminding us that she is a scientist, but a quick look at every major scientific debate will show you that not all scientists get it right all the time.

Michael Howley
Engineering freshman

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