To the Daily:

Daily’s mistrust of voters is appalling

The Daily’s editorial earlier this week about same-sex benefits in Michigan (Cox’s crusade must end, 11/12/2007), unfairly insults the intelligence of the voters of Michigan. I would like to question the editorial board on its statement about ballot proposals: “Such initiatives undermine the concept of representative democracy by side-stepping debate on the most important issues.” The Daily clearly needs a lesson in Greek. Democracy comes from the Greek word “Demos,” meaning people, and “Kratos,” meaning rule. Is it not the point of any democracy, be it direct or representative, to create laws that reflect the will of the people?

To imply the debate was “side-stepped” by a ballot proposal is preposterous. The people have been hearing people from both sides rant about the issue for decades: To say a debate was “side-stepped” insults the intelligence of every person who voted in the election. What the Daily proposes is to let legislators deal with it, as though there’s secret information about gay people the public isn’t aware of. Who elected those representatives? The same people of Michigan, in whom the Daily professes so little faith.

Sure, democracy is not perfect. But to say that voters are incompetent is unfair and crosses a line.

Nathan Stano

LSA freshman

The ‘war on drugs’ targets black people

I’m writing about Mike Eber’s column earlier this week about subtle racism in our society (Is that just the way it is?, 11/12/2007). It’s obvious that the so-called war on drugs is actually a war on certain people – politically-selected people, who happen to be black people.

Where is the outrage for these unfair drug laws? Where is the outrage from the black community? Where is outrage from black leaders? Where is the outrage from America? Where is the outrage from the rest of the world?

The whips and chains of slavery have been replaced with prison cages.

Kirk Muse

Mesa, Ariz.

Bush right to veto wasteful water bill

There is a contradiction in an editorial this week praising the Congressional override of President Bush’s veto of a water bill (Water works, 11/14/2007). If all of the projects included in the bill are essential to the health of the country’s water supply – as the Daily’s editorial board claims in the editorial – why did Democrats insist on air-dropping 450 earmarks into the bill at the last minute in the committee conference, skirting debate?

I applaud President Bush and the handful of brave congressmen who are now standing up for taxpayers by fighting the wasteful and corrupt back-door tactics which have come to define the Democratic majority and its spending habits. Congress was undoubtedly elected on a mandate to increase transparency, but the creative tactics it employs to waste money refute any rhetorical promises its members may have made to clean up our government.

Jonny Slemrod

LSA sophomore

OSU fans hoping for a good clean game

We at The Ohio State University cannot wait for the match-up of the Blue and Scarlet this weekend.

Students at OSU joined together two years ago to create the Ohio State Sportsmanship Council. Through initiatives to welcome visiting fans, cut down on poor behavior and increase school pride, this group of students has worked hard to create a friendly, exciting environment for all fans. Our projects extend beyond just football: We hope to promote spirit and sportsmanship at all Ohio State sporting events.

While we will not be lucky enough to host the exciting match up this weekend, we want to let Michigan know that we have encouraged all of our fans visiting Michigan to show pride for OSU by being positive fans.

History and tradition are very important to students, alumni and fans of OSU. On game day, the students of OSU hope that all Buckeye and Wolverine fans will join us in committing to good fan behavior and sportsmanship. We look forward to an exciting game and look forward to hosting this stories series next year.

Samantha Bloom

OSU freshman

Ohio State Sportsmanship Council Member

Maize-out requires widespread support

It’s Beat Ohio State Week here in Ann Arbor, and it’s time to rally and support our football team and our university. The past two football seasons, maize-outs organized by the Athletic Department to unite the 110,000 fans at Michigan Stadium have been lackluster at best. Students have shown tremendous enthusiasm on maize-out days – coming to the Big House wearing our brightly colored student shirts – but participation by alumni and others in attendance on Saturdays is weak. For the biggest game of the season, a hodgepodge of colors at Michigan Stadium is simply unacceptable.

Everyone – students, alumni and fans alike – need to wear maize on Saturday to be a united force of support for our Wolverines. I do not need to point to Penn State and Wisconsin to point out what an asset a unified crowd wearing their school’s color can be at football games. Across the Big Ten, alumni and fans join students in their efforts to wear a uniform color. What better way would there be to stand united as Wolverine Nation than to have a stadium-wide maize-out on Saturday? When you wake up on Saturday, no matter what the weather conditions may be, remember to wear maize.

Eric Mandell Victorson

LSA senior

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