A tale of poor laundry facilities and broken change machines

To the Daily:

This is the story of my laundry experience from hell and an open plea to the University for basic utilities that actually work.

I left my room with my MCard, laundry and detergent in hand. I got to the laundry room only to discover that both MCard readers were broken, which meant that I needed change. Of course, I hadn’t brought any with me. I returned to my room and opened my wallet to find that I only had a $20 bill. After whining about it for a few minutes, I decided to get a burrito to break my twenty since I was hungry anyway. I returned to my dorm, ate my burrito and finally had some dollar bills. I was in a good mood, because I love burritos and I could then get some change and do my laundry.

My good mood didn’t last long. I returned to the laundry room, put my clothes down and made my way to the change machine; it was broken. I figured that that wasn’t a crisis because every snack machine in the dorms give quarters as change for a dollar, so I went to each and every one of those machines. Not a single machine would take a dollar bill. I walked out of my dorm and to the Michigan Union’s change machine. It was also broken. There was a snack machine next to it, which finally took my dollar. It ate it.

So I was down to the last of the two dollar bills I had brought with me. Next, I went to UGo’s for change, but apparently the store was out of quarters. Finally, I went to Mrs. Fields Cookies and got four quarters. I returned triumphantly to the laundry room, quite angry about what had just happened. There were three washers available, but each had an “Out of Order” sign. I proceeded to wait for the user of the only functional, available washer to finally claim his laundry, and after putting 45 minutes into a process that should have taken only 10, I had my laundry in a washing machine.

Zach Greenberg

Engineering sophomore

Venyah’s message of hatred is not true Christianity

To the Daily:

Diag preacher Michael Venyah returned to Ann Arbor on Monday to preach his message to the Michigan community. Since some people seem to consider Venyah to be the voice of Christianity when he preaches – with those who oppose him representing tolerant liberalism – it is well worth examining his teachings in contrast with those of the Holy Scriptures.

The centerpiece of Venyah’s religion is his belief that a true Christian never sins. Thus in order to be saved one must, upon accepting Christ, never commit another sin for the rest of one’s life. As with most false ideas, there is a grain of truth at its core. Venyah is right to say that both Jesus and the Apostles call us to live a perfect and holy life. After sparing the woman caught in adultery, Jesus then told her, “Go and sin no more.” However, in demanding people to cease sinning entirely, and claiming to do so himself, Venyah asks the impossible.

The Scriptures themselves teach that Christians will continue to sin after their conversion, despite their struggles to the contrary. St. James says, “we all stumble in many things.” St. John goes even further by stating, “If we say that we have no sin, we deceive ourselves, and the truth is not in us.” Finally, St. Paul, who wrote more of the New Testament than any other writer, goes further still: “Christ Jesus came into the world to save sinners, of whom I am chief.”

Venyah argues that all New Testament references to Christians sinning are in the past tense, referring to their lives before they were converted. However, the above verses are all clearly in the present tense. There are also a great many other difficulties with Venyah’s teaching, including but not limited to his extreme judgmentalism, his claims of knowledge over who will go to Heaven and who will go to Hell and his vicious attacks on Christians – especially his slanderous anti-Catholicism. Venyah teaches a false Gospel that is neither supported by the Holy Scriptures nor by the understanding of Christians throughout history. Like all of us, he stands in desperate need of repentance and the healing hand of Christ Jesus.

Sean Moberg

LSA senior

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