Wait until Ed Martin affair ends to find new head coach

To the Daily:

To all those students and Daily writers calling for Ellerbe”s head, I have another view for you. Brian Ellerbe isn”t going anywhere, at least not until the Ed Martin fiasco ends. Why would a high profile coach (Pitino, for example) come to a school only to get their program wiped clean and scholarships removed?

The only smart thing for the University to do would be to wait until the Martin case is resolved, and hire a new coach once they know what they are dealing with. Ellerbe will be the sacrificed once the case is closed.

Ian Lang

LSA senior

Daily must remove Goodstein”s “pencil,” test sports skills

To the Daily:

Upon reading the drubbing of the Michigan basketball team”s staggering loss to Michigan State in Wednesday”s issue I was embarrassed.

This embarrassment stemmed not from our defeat however, but rather the honor and integrity that Raphael Goodstein lacked in the authorship of his column.

I am embarrassed that the Daily employs someone with his lack of constitution. I think you should take away his pencil and give him a ball.

See what he can do with it. Michigan State is the defending national champion. Last time I checked, that means they are the best team in the country. We were smashed by the best team in the league in their gym last year. What else do you expect? They beat us again this year. So it goes.

However, I do think it is unfair to say that the basketball team casts a dishonorable shadow over the University of Michigan. Was anybody watching when we beat Indiana? How about Iowa (no. 14)? How about when we held a serious lead over Illinois (no. 7) for the majority of the game? I am by no means saying that we have an excellent basketball team, much less a good one. But I think we deserve some respect.

Charlie Bell”s comment about State”s lack of competition is reprehensible. State may have won, but Bell is a loser. Where is the sportsmanship? Put Bell and Blanchard on a court by themselves and I think Bell would be hard pressed to make the same comment. Bell would get hurt.

We have decent players, we are just having a bad year. Maybe it”s the coaching. Maybe not. Give Moore and Queen and Robinson a couple years.

Have faith, they will wow you. Fans, don”t go the way of Goodstein and jump off the bandwagon when the road gets bumpy. Hang on and they will give you the ride of your life.

Jeffrey Lev

Engineering freshman

Sanz”s “80s affinity clouds intellegent, good music taste

To the Daily:

In Branden Sanz”s column (“All I ever needed to know (I learned on “80s radio),” 1/31/01), he says that he soured on radio when Nirvana hit the air. I have to ask why?

Because it swept in an era of bands that sung about what was really going on in life? Or because they actually wrote lyrics from the heart rather than Ratt”s “Get in our way, we”ll put you on your shelf?”

Or is it because it completely countered the superficial transgender hair rock of the late “80s? Obviously, Sanz has a problem with intelligent music that is true to itself and requires some talent to produce.

Grunge came around for a reason, and that was to create smarter music fans. Sanz probably would have hated the Beatles” White album or Led Zeppelin”s Led Zeppelin II. You missed out on the best music of the last 20 years, Sanz.

Nelson Lopez

LSA first-year student

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