Daily’s coverage of New Life ignores church’s mission

To the Daily:
I have to admit that it is disappointing to read an article that paints New Life Church in such a seemingly uninformed light (New home for New Life, 02/12/2007). The Michigan Daily’s story fails to capture the essence of the church. The three elements of the church service (music, “slice of life,” and sermon), are meant to help students and members of the community better connect with God. When the band plays, the congregation has an opportunity to worship God as they hear passionate music and sing lyrics that are infused with the truth of God’s word. The crowd does not worship the band, nor does the band see their role as that of a “performance.” We just love to play music and honor God with the musical talents he has given us. We like to join the crowd in worshiping God together.

Second, having failed to mention the “slice of life” and sermon elements of New Life’s service, the Daily omitted two essential parts of who we are. The “slice of life” element gives church members the opportunity to share their personal experiences with God. In the sermon, the pastor teaches straight from God’s word, offering insights and often weaving in personal anecdotes and television/movie clips relevant to the topic.

The result is a place where God is celebrated, honored and worshiped as best as we can. New Life Church strives to offer services in a format that is accessible and relevant to young people. So often people say that they have never been to a church service like this – people actually want to be there. We acknowledge that we are broken people who make mistakes and need God. The authenticity of our members’ love for God and each other speaks volumes.

I invite you to come by next week to see what I mean.

Karen Ostafinski

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