Students hear anti-Semitic language in Ann Arbor

To the Daily:

I applaud Jared Goldberg’s column highlighting the current existence and prevalence of anti-Semitism in America (The war on Hanukkah, 01/11/2007). Too often, people forget that Jews are a minority, not only in America, but in the world. Furthermore, as a minority that has achieved success in many areas of American life, Jews are a prime target for undeserved criticism and hatred. The “old” anti-Semitism is alive and well, not only in America but here in Ann Arbor, too.

This year, while walking to Yom Kippur services, the holiest of the year in the Jewish faith, my friends and I were suddenly accosted by a man driving his car down South University Avenue. The man started screaming at us, “Take those silly hats off your heads.” At first, we weren’t exactly sure what this guy was talking about or if he was even talking to us. But then he repeated, “Take those fascist hats off your (expletive) heads,” we realized he was referring to our yarmulke, the skullcap worn as a marker of a Jew’s deference to God. My friends and I realized that engaging and debating some guy driving his car on the eve of the holiest day of the Jewish year wasn’t in our best interests, so we wished him a “lshana tova” (happy new year) and continued on.

Although this incident was quick, it had a lasting impact not only on my holiday but also on my attitude toward the Ann Arbor community in general. The anti-Semitism on this campus is not some creation of right-wing Jews in some protocols of the elders of Zion’s propagandist agenda. It is real, it may be prevalent and it’s something our community has to confront. Anti-Semitism is racism; there’s no other way of putting it.

Jeremy Borovitz
LSA sophomore

Every Three Weekly doesn’t want good press

To the Daily:

When we read your story in Wednesday’s paper (B-school takes on humor rag, 01/10/2007), we were shocked at the slant toward the utter filth known as The Michigan Every Three Weekly.

This paper – which feigns satirical prowess – deserves no leeway or credibility, and we are incensed that you missed your opportunity to expose it for the racist, homophobic, misogynistic publication it is. Meanwhile, you compromised the esteem of the hard-working, honest administrators, associate deans and faculty who break their backs every day threatening to dump this scandalous newspaper into the garbage where it belongs. We, too, can barely get by the “fake front page” stories when we read it.

We’re sorry that this “Onion-like parody newspaper” is held in such high regard, while the Daily is discarded on the floors of bathroom stalls, awaiting possibly nefarious usage by the next stall patron.

We certainly hope that the Business school will dispose of the next issue, which might even contain an apology to these veritable fiends when it hits newsstands on Jan. 22.

Justin Wynn, Andy Braaksma, Bryan Kelly and Mike Ravenscroft

Wynn and Braaksma are LSA seniors. Kelly and Ravenscroft are LSA juniors. They are editors for The Michigan Every Three Weekly.

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