Cartoon disrespectful of former president’s passing

To the Daily:

The Michigan Daily should be ashamed of itself. Gerald Ford has been in his final resting place for less than 24 hours, and a Daily cartoonist has already used his image to take a cheap shot at the sitting president (Fetid Chumbucket, 01/04/2007). It would have been one thing to quote him in opposition to the war in Iraq – he said such things while he was alive. But to imply that the University’s most distinguished graduate would allow such a divisive statement to be attached to his image is disheartening.

The cartoonist has used Ford, a man who did so much to heal our country, to poke a wound and revive a controversy that should be long over. Perhaps the cartoonist cannot get over the 2000 election, but I’m sure that Ford would want him to move on and work to make a better America.

Nathan Zenero
LSA junior

Carr’s mentality will not help win games

To the Daily:

While the reasons for Michigan’s humiliating loss to Southern Cal are too complex to pinpoint the single most important problem, I am compelled to disagree with Matt Singer’s comment that if the Wolverines had only played a better game, then the inept play-calling by the coaching staff would have been overcome (Blue proves it’s not elite, 01/04/2007). Actually, even if our team had played its best game of the season, it would have been in vain against USC’s apparent prescience regarding our strategy. Our boys played a pretty good game, making big hits and getting very physical despite the oppressive California heat. Unfortunately, USC was prepared in advance for everything we threw at them. But Pete Carrol and staff are no soothsayers, they just know how to read, analyze and adjust.

Our gameplan, on the other hand, could best be described as sterile and incapable of creating innovative opportunities for success. The Michigan strategy was not flexible enough to succeed in the face of a skilled and adaptive competitor. This is not surprising, given that even a fan who has only watched a few seasons of Michigan football can predict with fair accuracy what our next move will be in many situations.

I offer no decisive solutions to our team’s problems, but one thing is clear to me: Considering our predictable and stubbornly old-fashioned strategy, in addition to Coach Lloyd Carr’s perpetually uninspiring pre- and post-game commentary, I am led to believe that Carr has lost his spiritual vigor for the game. Since he is clearly a man of honor, fond of taking the moral high ground, perhaps he should consider stepping down and making way for a coach whose soul burns with unyielding passion to win every single game. Carr seems complacent in his already successful career. Maybe he has coached, won and lost too many games to care about any single game anymore. But that mentality isn’t good enough to win national titles. If Carr cannot regain the vitality necessary to be an effective coach, then he should rest on his laurels properly – in retirement.

Andrew Petrovich
LSA senior

Michigan football deserves better than Lloyd Carr

To the Daily:

As a proud Michigan alum now residing in California, I was thrilled to see my alma mater take on the hated USC Trojans at the Rose Bowl. However, having seen Michigan’s pathetic effort, I have three words for Athletic Director Bill Martin: Fire Lloyd Carr.

What an embarrassment the Rose Bowl was. Shortly after halftime, with USC having just taken a 10-3 lead, Coach Pete Carroll was jumping up and down with his team on the sideline, pumping them up and adjusting his game plan to pound Michigan. On the other side of the field, Carr was content with continuing the same boring offense that provided no spark and gave no life to the Maize and Blue as well as sticking to the same defense that gave up massive yards to a team that abandoned the run altogether. Michigan’s one successful drive – not including the late touchdown – came about when they abandoned the run. One can only assume that Carr was oblivious to the ineffectiveness of his game plan in lieu of Carroll’s constant blitzing on defense and passing on offense.

I was prepared to see Michigan lose to a better team, but I was not prepared to see them take such a beating and keep standing there as if they didn’t know what hit them – or worse, didn’t care. I’m tired of feeling like Carr coasts by on the strength of his recruiting class while losing bowl game after bowl game and dropping three straight to Ohio State. I’m tired of having to look at Carroll or Jim Tressel and think, “Now those are good coaches.” I’m tired of Michigan playing to its opponent rather than establishing itself as the perennial powerhouse that it deserves to be. Michigan deserves better. It’s time for Lloyd Carr to go.

Luke Klipp
Class of 2000

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