‘U’ must be responsible to the state before the world

To the Daily:

Ryan Fantuzzi was unfairly portrayed in Alese Bagdol’s article, Activists revisit war on Coke (12/05/2006). Fantuzzi’s concerns lay with the local union workers whose jobs and livelihoods were put into jeopardy as a result of the campaign to rid campus of Coca-Cola products.

Today, Michigan faces grave economic difficulties. It is becoming increasingly difficult for Michigan’s families to find work and to survive on full-time wages. The loss of more good union jobs is the last thing Michigan families need.

In the future, student groups must take the interests of Michigan’s working families into account when undertaking social justice projects. It is important that students don’t forget the needs and wellbeing of our neighbors and fellow residents. Gripes with the human rights practices of the Coca-Cola Corporation in Colombia and India are wholly legitimate and cannot be ignored. However, calling for change without taking into consideration the effects on Michigan’s working families is elitist, irresponsible and short-sighted.

Nick Israel
LSA senior

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