And on the eighth day, God said, ‘Let there be legalized marijuana.’

To the Daily:

As a Christian from Colorado, I voted to allow citizens to use the God-given plant cannabis (Light one up for Michigan, 11/30/2006). I am confident it was the right thing to do.

One reason to stop imprisoning citizens for using cannabis that isn’t often mentioned is the Bible’s approval of the drug. Christ God Our Father indicates He created all the seed-bearing plants, saying they are all good, on literally the first page of the Bible (Genesis 1:11-12 and 29-30). The only Biblical restriction placed on cannabis is that it is to be accepted with thankfulness (1 Timothy 4:1-5).

It is time to re-legalize what God says is good.

Stan White
Dillon, Colorado

A deadly connection: more money should be spent on HIV and TB

To the Daily:

Many University students as well as millions of people around the world spent Friday gathered in remembrance of those who have lost their lives to HIV/AIDS. The crowds also raised public awareness about the deadly connection between tuberculosis and HIV, as well as the increasing rates of TB in many parts of the world. TB is still the leading killer among HIV-positive people. About one-third of the more than 40 million people with HIV/AIDS are co-infected with TB, and up to half of people living with HIV/AIDS develop TB. However, this year witnessed an escalation in this sinister relationship between the world’s two most deadly infectious diseases, especially in Africa, where the concentration of TB and HIV/AIDS is the highest.

A virtually incurable strain of extremely drug-resistant TB, known as XDR-TB, recently broke out in KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa, killing 52 of 53 patients, half within 25 days. Of those who died and knew their HIV/AIDS status, all were in the advanced stages of AIDS and many had no prior treatment for TB, suggesting that the resistant strain was passed on to them from someone else. Worries abound that this is not an isolated case, but rather a preview of what is to come.

The good news is that we know what to do, and we know how to do it. The President’s Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief must increase its meager contributions to fighting TB and TB-HIV across all of its target countries and especially in Africa. Congress must deliver our full fair share for the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, TB and Malaria by appropriating $1.2 billion to the fund for 2007. At a bare minimum, Congress should approve at least the $700 million for 2007 that the Senate is currently planning.

Emily Craig
LSA junior

Daily music editor is obviously a country music novice

To the Daily:

In his music review, Lloyd Cargo personified his point that people identify Willie Nelson for his role as an icon and not for his musical talent. By classifying Willie as a “Nashville hippie,” Cargo shows his lack of understanding of country music. Willie, the father of the Texas-based Outlaw country genre, is anything but a straight-edged mass-produced Nashville star. Willie in Nashville is like Snoop in Brooklyn.

Michael Eber
LSA junior

Columnist grossly underestimates Iran’s threat to U.S., free world

To the Daily:

I nearly ate my hat after reading Jared Goldberg’s column (What we can learn from the Iraq War, 12/01/2006).

Goldberg grossly misunderstands the war on terrorism, especially when discussing Iran policy. He claims removing the war option from the table is smart. Although war should always be the last option, the idea should not be thrown out completely. Iran is a terrorist state. It has been financing and providing logistical support to Islamic terrorist organizations for years. It is led by a lunatic Holocaust denier, who, according to The Jerusalem Post, has said: “Anyone who recognizes Israel will burn in the fire of the Islamic nation’s fury.”

For its own survival and for that of the free world, the United States can never allow Iran to have nuclear weapons. Unlike the former Soviet Union, Iran will use them. They will use them on the “Saturday people,” the “Sunday people” and even the secular knee-jerk liberals who work at The Michigan Daily.

So I invite you, Goldberg, and the rest of your Neville Chamberlain friends – Toby Mitchell included (The only thing they have is fear, 09/11/2006) – to come to Brigitte Gabriel’s speech tonight at 8p.m. in Angell Hall Auditorium C. You’ll get an education.

Ryan Fantuzzi
LSA junior

Cartoon blithely offends creative chefs on campus

To the Daily:

John Oquist’s cartoon (Live on your feet, 12/01/2006) featured two students watching a competitive cooking show. I was extremely offended by the utterly blithe attitude of the comic. There are so many aspects of this comic strip that showcase Oquist’s culinary na’vet

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