Stop the Britney-bashing: Spears is an example for us all

To the Daily:

I would like to call out Punit Mattoo for his anti-Britney political agenda (Intoxication, sex and divorce, 11/29/2006). What right does he have to call Britney Spears trashy and undignified? After all, who has not made a fool of himself once or twice in his lifetime? Is it not the goal of our public icons to inspire and influence youth by making mistakes and then proving their resilience by successfully rebounding? If so, Britney has fulfilled her public duties. Furthermore, it is ludicrous to call Britney Spears a has-been. She holds the record for top female sales in an opening week, and she is the only artist to have four consecutive studio albums go number one in their opening week. So stop spearing Spears.

Zak Fishman
RC freshman

Zingerman’s overrated, has surprisingly small sandwiches

To the Daily:

I went to the Zingerman’s deli for the first time this week after hearing a lot about the quality of the food: the brilliant bread, the excellent ingredients and the overall mouth-watering experience that is eating a sandwich at Zingerman’s. I went on a Wednesday evening with two friends. I ordered a large #32 and a bottle of cream soda.

The total for my order was $14.70.

An entire half-hour after I paid, someone walked out with our surprisingly small-looking sandwiches, which were not warm.

My suspicions about the sandwiches’ size came true when I unwrapped my sandwich less than ten minutes later. The ingredients weren’t supreme, the bread was mediocre, the roasted cheese was under-roasted – though, yes, the dressing was pretty tasty. Let’s just say I could have had four sandwiches at Jimmy John’s if I had a couple of spare bucks in my pocket. So I ask: Why so much money?

The business model behind Zingerman’s is also interesting. A presentation sponsored by BOSS, a student group at the University, invited a managing partner from the deli, Grace Singleton. Showing a surprising lack of business management knowledge, she proudly proclaimed Zingerman’s future plans of staying in Ann Arbor.

If you’ve duped one city, why not more? Is it because the management at Zingerman’s has realized that for half the price of a Zingerman’s sandwich, I could get a larger and tastier sandwich at a real deli in New York City? Or is it because the original management of Zingerman’s just got extremely lucky in finding a city that would pay for a sandwich what is a good daily income in many third-world countries and didn’t want to test its good fortune further? I can’t remember who called Zingerman’s the “coolest” small business in America, but I think “crafty” or “shrewd” are better adjectives.

Avinash Vora
Engineering sophomore

Coleman’s job is to respond to ‘U’ community, not voters

To the Daily:

In response to Wednesday’s story, Coleman ripped on defiance of Prop 2 (11/29/2006), those attacking University President Mary Sue Coleman have ignored an important fact about Coleman’s job. It is not her job to alter the direction of the University based on what Michigan voters say. Rather, her job is to run the University in a way she believes will benefit the employees, students and everyone else the most. Coleman believes, as do most people at this University, that diversity benefits everyone, and a ban on affirmative action does not. She is simply acting in the interests of the majority of those directly affiliated with the University.

We wouldn’t object to such action against other policies, so why is Prop 2 an exception? For example, it is in our interest to embrace modern theories of science as fact. If the voters of Michigan decided to ban the teaching of evolution this November, it is doubtful that many students would want her to throw on a NASCAR shirt and run around yelling “My grandma wasn’t a monkey!” As University president, it is not only her right but her responsibility to work around Proposal 2.

Abraham Hiatt and Daniel Pesick
LSA sophomores

Oquist’s cartoon offensive, shows ‘intellectual na’vet

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