Obama’s pro-choice views go against message of hope

When Barack Obama came to Indianapolis in May, I attended the rally. The atmosphere was electric when he took the stage. He spoke about his tremendous hope for our country, and about creating a brighter future for our children. As a Democrat, I was captivated by the positive message of change he articulated so eloquently. Yet in the back of my mind, a nagging conflict persisted. I found his message utterly contradicted by his support for legalized abortion.

Last year Obama cosponsored the Freedom of Choice Act. However well intentioned he may be, this bill would invalidate many state and federal restriction on abortions, potentially including partial birth abortions. Killing a baby while it exits the womb is simply not something a civilized society allows. Abortion of all varieties is an utterly undemocratic practice. It denies an entire class of citizens the most basic of civil liberties.

It is said that you can evaluate a society by the way it treats its most vulnerable citizens. Since Roe v. Wade we have denied the most innocent and powerless members of society the most basic of all human rights, the right to simply live. No other civil right is possible without the right to life. I didn’t make this up: It’s in the Declaration of Independence.

I don’t see any hope for this nation when we allow the dehumanization and destruction of our most vulnerable citizens. To create a brighter future for our children, we must first allow them to be born. The change I most want to see, Obama will not bring. The change the United States needs most is an end to legalized abortion. My vote is with the Republicans. By recognizing the humanity of the disenfranchised and supporting the protection of the powerless, Republicans are being more democratic.

Elise Aikman
LSA freshman

Smaller schools can take joy in the Wolverines’ misery

My, how the legion of maize and blue must feel now? A three-point loss at the hands of mighty Toledo University, I’m sure, does not sit well with anyone who bleeds those colors. But keep your head up, Michigan.

Just think about how much joy you’ve provided those of us who attend schools with bottom-feeding athletics programs. Not to mention the chuckling denizens of West Virginia. Coach Rich Rodriguez, a shining example of loyalty himself, is about to find out just how much this football-crazed state trusts him to carry on college’s most storied tradition.

It’s OK, though. It will get better. This is just the storm before the calm. Some good will come of this. Somewhere, Ann Coulter weeps for Big Blue.

Oscar Borboa
The letter writer is a senior at Loyola Marymount University.

Wolverines couldn’t compete with high school teams

After being a long-time Michigan fan and seeing Michigan lose today to Toledo, I hereby challenge the team to play Elder High School or Colerain High School in Cincinnati.

Last week, Michigan was No. 63 in the Bowl Championship Series computer ratings. The team will be fortunate if it is ahead of Podunk in next week’s rating.

Allan Payne
Cincinnati, Ohio

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