As the game against Ohio State approaches, a growing sense of doubt about the possibility of a Michigan victory has enveloped Ann Arbor — and for good reason. The city and the University have witnessed a season full of disappointment that has surely humbled many Michigan football fans. Many of us have spent hours defending head football coach Rich Rodriguez and the team against verbal assaults from the Spartans, Fighting Irish and Utes.

A friend of mine noted recently that even if the team improves next year, we would be in our late 50s by the time the University’s bowl streak reaches 33 seasons again. If the Buckeyes win for the fifth straight year, it would be the first time in the rivalry’s history that the team would accomplish that feat.

So why believe that our football team can emerge victorious? Because on cold November Saturdays in Ohio, greatness can happen when we least expect it.

Tom Sheppard
LSA junior

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