Student searches for insight into meaning of cartoon

To the Daily:

I was wondering if someone could explain Tuesdays cartoon on the opinion page (The Michigan Daly, 10/24/2005) (with the bikes and the tank). Do the bikes and the tank represent anything in society? Is there any deeper meaning? Just checking. Dan Silverthorn

Law student


U.S. Congress fails students when they need help most

To the Daily:

Work study, loans, scholarships, grants – these words are all too familiar to college students. Such aid has helped the children of our country, who may not otherwise have had the opportunity or means to attend school, gain access to higher education and become working, educated members of our society. Yet, as part of the Budget Reconciliation, Congress is nevertheless proposing the largest cut (at least $9 billion) to federal student aid programs ever.

This is ludicrous! Especially in the wake of Katrina, one of the most socially horrific and economically draining disasters ever to befall the U.S., it is ridiculous to cut programs that so greatly contribute to the social health and economic stability of our nation.

The average student’s debt is already $17, 500. And although Congress should be making it easier for students to attend college, part of this legislation would add an additional $5,800 in loan fees to the typical student borrower’s debt. This is especially daunting considering 39 percent of students already graduate with unmanageable debt. I urge anyone who is concerned about this to call his congressman and urge them not to support this legislation.

Kate Mitroka

LSA freshman


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