Shortened library hours take the ‘study’ out of Fall Study Break

To the Daily:

Oct. 17 and 18 are given to us as “Fall Study Break,” meant for us to, well, study. One would assume that a very practical place to study is at our glorious University libraries. However, during our “study break,” we are unable to use the libraries as we like. During my stay at the Shapiro Undergraduate Library on Monday, at 11 p.m. on the dot, a message sounded over the public address system that the reference desks and computing sites would close at 11:30 p.m., and the library would close at midnight.

The library website confirmed this, even detailing that they day was a “fall study day.” Upon completion of our study break, library hours will return to their normal schedule. Perhaps I am a little pushy, but shouldn’t our library be open longer on these “study days,” or should we just stop trying to make ourselves feel better and just call this vacation “Fall Break?”

Kurt Beyerchen

LSA senior


Armed with yellow pom-pons, student section helped Wolverines to victory

To the Daily:

I’m sure everyone has his pet theory on why Michigan was able to beat Penn State this Saturday. Some will say Mario Manningham’s two clutch touchdowns, others will point to Chad Henne finally – when it was all on the line – playing to win and others will say it was the Michigan defense, which gave up only 17 points to the 8th-ranked team in the nation.

While all of these factors certainly played their roles, there is another aspect I know will not show up on ESPN’s SportsCenter, so I want to bring it up here. On Saturday, for the first time this year, the student section came to play just like the team. The lackluster participation in the maize-out was made up for by the dazzling displaying of thousands of yellow pom-pons. Cheers that are usually only done in small pockets were done by the whole section. People shouted down the Penn State offense throughout the entire game, and in perhaps the biggest difference from earlier games, did not quiet down after Penn State made a first down, but rather got louder and louder as Penn State moved closer to the endzone. For the first time all year, Michigan really had a 12th man, and in a game this close, that can make the difference.

I do not by any means intend to downplay the many great performances by our team on Saturday; it deserves all the honor we have to give them. But for those of you who loved that feeling of victory, of overthrowing an unbeaten team, of pulling one out against the odds, remember this: You can do something. Show up to the game and shout and cheer for all your worth. Saturday we finally had a real student section. Let’s not lose it.

Sean Moberg

LSA sophomore

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