Maize out to defend Big House against Penn State

To the Daily:

We are at a crossroads in our football tradition. The 2005 Michigan Wolverines set out with the goal to win in Pasadena for the national title. As this dream slipped away, our team and our tradition found itself lost, without an identity and little confidence. Regardless of the opponent on Saturday, we are Michigan, and that means something more than statistics, records or standings. We cannot lose the swagger, the intensity, the fire that more than 100 years of history has built and is the foundation of all we do. The past is meaningless without the present, and we must continue to carry ourselves with pride. We now have a choice. We can either sit back and tolerate mediocrity speckled with criticism and expectation, or we can prove that it is great to be a Michigan Wolverine and make all the legends proud. This team has the talent, the ability and the innate drive to go out every Saturday and dominate whoever chooses to line up against us.

For Penn State, we need to be engaged in the game like never before. The Athletic Department is calling for a “Maize Out.” Consider this a mandatory request, for uniting under a uniform color is only effective if there is 100 percent participation. The team needs us – and we need it. Only when we feed off of each other’s energy can we come away with the victory.

Some would argue that this is Michigan’s darkest hour. Indeed, the situation looks grim, but this has the potential to be our finest hour. How we conduct ourselves in the face of adverse odds will reveal the strength of our loyalty and serve as a true test of our devotion as fans. Take it one game at a time, and never forget that one game can change everything.

We leave you with this quote from former football coach and Athletic Director Fielding Yost: “Let me reiterate the spirit of Michigan. It is based upon a deathless loyalty to Michigan and all of her ways.”

We will protect this house.

Dennis Lee

Engineering senior

The letter writer is the drum major of the Michigan Marching Band.

Ameed Mallick

Business senior

Stephen Wilson

Architecture senior

The letter writers are members of the Michigan Marching Band.

Word search would appeal to barely literate masses who can’t do crossword

To the Daily:

For four years now, it has been my dream to open up the paper in the middle of class and see a word search accompanying the crossword puzzle. By taking this innovative step, your paper would have more appeal to the masses, especially to those who don’t have the intellect necessary to complete a crossword puzzle. Could you please make this happen before I graduate in December? Be sure to include backward diagonal words because those give the most satisfaction when you find them!

P.S.: I don’t remember who wrote it, or what the title was, but the recent opinion page column on American lawns (The clover’s greener on the other side, 09/27/2005) was superb.

Steve DasGupta

Engineering senior


Editor’s note: While there currently is no word search, the Daily did recently debut a horoscope.

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