Students should be less polarized, more receptive

To the Daily:

I’m sure your inbox is becoming clogged with e-mails concerning the letter Art Josin had published (Democrats should stand up for what they believe, 10/03/2005), so I’ll keep this short. As a person who leans moderately to the left, I, according to this article, moderately like to pay high taxes and kill babies. I can assure you that I hate taxes, the thought of killing babies is something that never comes across my mind and being accused of perpetuating and enjoying racism and bigotry is, well, downright insulting.

Rather than attacking the points of view expressed, perhaps a better way to refute these claims is to explain what liberals and Democrats believe in, from the standpoint of a moderately liberal student. Higher taxes are used to fund things like wars and college education, and taxes in the United States are hardly anything compared to those in European nations. “Killing innocent babies” is a conservative term for abortion. Liberals believe that the decision to bear and support a child should be the choice of the mother.

Bigger government is a tough one, so I’ll explain it in terms of liberal versus conservative. Liberals believe the government should do more with tax money to help people, thus creating more federal programs and a bigger government. Conservatives believe that while the people should be helped, it should be up to the individuals of society to help those people.

“Control of (American) children” might be a reference to the recent “Grand Theft Auto” scandal. Maybe I’m wrong on this, but let’s go with it anyway. After an onslaught of distressed parents calling for stricter video game regulations, Sen. Hillary Clinton (D-N.Y.) suggested she’d be willing to support more stringent government regulations. So, I guess you can’t really fault a senator for listening to an outcry of Americans.

Promoting racism and bigotry? I can only take that to mean liberals’ support of affirmative action. While I am personally against affirmative action, it could be a potentially useful tool in areas of the country where bigotry does exist. For example, a racist superintendent would have to hire a more qualified minority applicant instead of a less qualified white applicant. Although affirmative action can be considered reverse racism in some cases, this subject has whole debates and U.S. Supreme Court decisions to go along with it, so next topic.

Opposing human rights? This one I can’t even take a stab at. I suppose you could fault the Democrats in office for not initially opposing the Patriot Act, which was sponsored by Republicans and passed by a Republican president. For those of you who don’t know, the Patriot Act is aimed at allowing government law enforcement and intelligence agencies more authority in their efforts to prevent terrorism.

Instead of blindly following a left-or right-wing mentality on this campus, we should all listen to the intelligent debate that each side has to offer and form our opinions from there.

Matthew Lewis

LSA sophomore



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