Asian Americans need more productive activism

To the Daily:

My name is Haosi Wu. Wow, that sounds Asian. But I guess if you assume that I’m Asian, you must be some sort of racist. Seriously, let’s gain some perspective here. There is no question that certain faculty members and Asian-American advocacy groups have used this incident to promote a wider agenda. What’s lost in the whole debacle is the fact that the suspects haven’t even been arraigned yet. Racism toward Asian Americans like myself probably does exist, but it is nowhere near as frequent as many would have you believe. The overwhelming majority of whites on this campus are tolerant and open toward Asians. To make blanket statements about how racism is somehow rampant is to indirectly condemn all whites. In order for Asians to truly engage in substantive dialogue, we have to look at our own prejudices. Let’s not kid ourselves when we see Asians intentionally segregating themselves. Instead of trying to condemn whites, let’s try to establish a dialogue that is truly inclusive because at the end of the day, we are all Americans.

Haosi Wu

LSA junior


Letter writer draws some disturbing parallels

To the Daily:

I hope that Scott Cackowski’s letter (Think it’s tough to be gay? Try being conservative, 09/27/2005) was conceived as a Michael Savage-esque stunt to incite, rather than a window into the twisted values of a student on this campus, though it seems to be more of the latter. College Republicans, as he contends, may not have “attempted to belittle the struggles of the (lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender) community,” but Cackowski handles this task like a professional.

Conservative Coming Out Day was, to my understanding, a somewhat tongue-in-cheek celebration of conservatives on a college campus. I got a laugh out of reading about it, as I certainly understand the criticism that they receive standing opposed to many of the prevailing ideologies on this campus. There is a parallel to the experience of those in the LGBT community, but the contention that the conservative experience is more arduous than that of any LGBT individual is ludicrous and insulting.

How many conservatives are forced to listen to others drop derogatory names about them in casual speech without recourse?

How many conservatives have been castigated on their way to class in the Diag for being “sodomites?” How many conservatives have been pistol-whipped, robbed, tied to a fence and left for dead?

We can only hope that one day Cackowski will gain the perspective necessary to see the world as anything other than himself and his “struggle to be open and proud.”

Ted Matherly

LSA senior

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