Think it’s tough being gay? Try being conservative

To the Daily:

“Coming out” as a conservative at the University is as arduous, if not more so, than coming out as gay, lesbian, bisexual or transgender. In a lopsided microcosm like the University, “left-wing intellectuals” have enough clout to persecute and punish conservative thinkers for their beliefs in regard to otherwise subjective matters. College Republicans did not attempt to belittle the struggles of the LGBT community throughout the country, but rather tried to parallel their struggle to be open and proud on campus.

It sickens me to see someone like Kirk Burkhart (LGBT community faces hatred, conservatives don’t, 09/26/05) attack such a worthwhile cause as Conservative Coming Out Day. There is no clearer proof that Republicans face an inescapable social stigma on campus than Burkhart’s verbal assault. From a self-professed “tolerant” sect of this community comes the allegations that campus conservatism and the pride therein is both “trivial” and “shameful.” Perhaps Conservative Coming Out Day wasn’t enough. Perhaps conservatives should stand up to leftist oppression and intolerance in a more profound, evocative way. Obviously, leveling with the opposition garners no understanding at all.

Liberals on campus need to realize that they are no longer fighting a battle against the establishment. At the University, liberals are the establishment. “Conservative” is as much of a dirty word here as “gay” was to Gwen Araujo’s assailants. Conservatives are the minority here, they are not tolerated here and like it or not, they face more hypocritical opposition at the University than the LGBT community can attest to.

Scott Cackowski

Engineering sophomore


University must not tolerate racism

To the Daily:

I decided to use my precious time to write this letter after reading Monday’s Daily (Suspects dispute hate crime, 09/26/05). Firstly, it amused me that the 20-year-old suspect, who was clearly underaged, was playing beer pong and knowingly drinking. And the fact that he knew he was going to get a minor-in-possession was even more hilarious. Secondly, I do not know whether the urination took place or any racial slurs were used, but these two students might have been drunk; I do not know if I would buy their words. Anyway, I will leave this case to the authorities. But if they are found guilty, they should not represent the University. Nothing short of an expulsion from the University should be tolerated.

Assuming this case was indeed a racially motivated assault, it is just one of the thousands that happen to minorities. I personally have experienced many of these, being called names such as Ching Chong, Wing Wong Wang or Fresh Off the Boat by both drunk and sober people in Ann Arbor. There are Asians out there who think that I’m overreacting to the incident. There are some minorities that are unwilling to stand up for their rights. But for me, it’s time to change. Of all places, discrimination in any forms should not happen at this university.

Should we question our own curriculum? How much has the race and ethnicity requirement helped students to understand and live with each other without bias and prejudice? Is the University’s admission policy really effective in creating an environment where diversity triumphs? Or are we just embracing the term “diversity” without understanding it?

Chin-Swan Liew

LSA senior


Conservative Coming Out Day blown out of proportion

To the Daily:

All right, I’ve had enough of this. We (conservatives) have one small, peaceful event in hopes that some campus conservatives will come out of the woodwork, and we’re met with an onslaught of criticism (What Closet?, 09/26/05). Is it honestly that big of a deal? I mean, come on, you blow this entire “coming out day” out of proportion. Are you really so desperate to attack conservatives that you turn our little event into an attack on the LGBT community? “How dare you?” “Shame on you?” I mean, honestly, have we done anything wrong here? If anything, criticisms in the Daily’s editorials and letters show the reason we need our coming out day. As soon as some conservatives begin to feel comfortable expressing their beliefs, you begin the hostility. It’s just ridiculous! All I see in your letters and editorials is a good reason to have more coming out days. So for now, why don’t you just calm down, get over yourselves and have another latte.

Matt MacKinnon

LSA sophomore


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