Columnist doesn’t deserve her seat in the Big House

To the Daily:

I understand that the column Knee-jerking continues- (09/22/2005) was intended to be a piece questioning the national security efforts to deter terrorism, but the beginning of the article was the only part that caught my attention. Sowmya Krishnamurthy was upset that she couldn’t get into the Big House because her “handbag was too large.” She described herself as “someone with a general disinterest in all things athletic,” and then goes onto say that her seat for her FIRST football game was so close that she would “probably be able to feel the sweat coming off the players.”

The Daily constantly writes articles in the sports section complaining about the lack of noise coming from the student section, and has even started their own cute little ratings system in the form of a car dashboard. You want more noise? Well, here’s your problem. You have people like Krishnamurthy sitting in some of the best student seats in the stadium, while many diehard fans are sitting 50 rows away, wishing of tickets so good. I was sitting with friends in the second row at the Northern Illinois game and heard a male student in front of me ask what a safety was! Come on. Tell your sports writers to write a story about how you should have to pass a general football IQ test to sit in the first 20 rows instead of complaining about the lack of noise. (It also doesn’t help that the other 90 percent of the stadium is near comatose, meaning they won’t stand up and cheer anytime soon.) So Sowmya, next time, instead of going to the Big House with your big purse full of crap, leave it at home and use your hands for clapping and cheering, not holding handbags.

Steve Scarpetta

LSA senior


Conservatives lack political creativity, not control

To the Daily:

I arrived at Starbucks before class with my Michigan Daily in hand, sipping my latte, when, to my shock and amazement, I unfolded the newspaper and immediately noticed the headline Conservative students come out on Diag (09/22/2005). My first remark: Wow, I didn’t know conservatives were gay.

After continued reading, I noticed conservatives at the University lacked opinions of their own, as they blatantly stole their idea from the Human Rights Campaign’s National Coming Out Day. Not only does this hint at a lack of conservative creativity, it also demonstrates how conservatives are more concerned with their “pride,” instead of poverty, Hurricane Katrina and the war in Iraq.

Sure, the conservatives were “reacting against what they said is a liberal campus environment that is hostile to conservatives,” even though they are “out” in the presidency, Congress and the judicial system. In fact, they control the entire political system.

With my latte almost finished, I came to the conclusion that conservatives should think for themselves while solving world issues, (poverty, Hurricane Katrina and the war in Iraq) if they want to stop being “ostracized.” Conservatives’ next “propaganda” tool should be called Support ‘W’ Day. I mean, after all, conservatives were wrong on weapons of mass destruction, wrong on terrorist links and wrong on mission accomplished. They really do stand for W, meaning wrong.

Steven Neff

LSA freshman

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