In response to yesterday’s Personal Statement by William Petrich about his experience living at Baits I (Baits won, 11/18/2008), I was extremely surprised at the extent of the complaints this former resident had. Every experience in a University residence hall is what you yourself make of it. Baits has many opportunities to meet people and socialize. We have frequent community events sponsored by resident advisors and staff. In addition, the two Baits councils, the Hall Council and the VOICES Multicultural Council, are both great ways to get involved.

I was concerned the author never actually wrote that he tried to make friends or have a positive experience while living at Baits. Baits is a unique community where most residents make friends with people across the entire building, not just their hallway. Attending hall events is a great way to meet people, but in the end, it is your responsibility to make the effort to meet other people.

Dianna Rehn
LSA junior
This letter writer is a resident advisor at Baits II.

Yesterday’s article in The Statement complaining about having a poor experience living at Baits was deeply upsetting to me and many of my friends who live in Baits (Baits won, 11/18/2008). Baits is what you make of it. Yes, you must put forth more effort to make it a positive experience, but the opinion expressed in this article was not the opinion of everyone.

I lived in South Quad last year and went through a year of hell. I now live in Baits and am having a much better experience. While Baits may have its flaws, the people who make up the dorm’s community build friendships and develop a love for the dorm.

Brandon Ebenhoeh
LSA sophomore

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