Honorable” women put “dreams aside” to rear children

To the Daily:

In response to Gina Hamadey”s column (“Housewives and other misconceptions,” 1/30/01), I would like to ask where all these “just want to have kids” women are hiding? This is probably the most honorable thing that a woman can do make the loving sacrifice of her time and energy toward her children and to put her dreams aside so that the children grow up in a home with emotional care and support. Women such as these should be commended and take pride in the fact that they are providing a priceless service that cannot be obtained elsewhere: A mother”s undivided love and attention.

Unselfish people, men and women both, must exist at this university somewhere. Perhaps they do a good job staying quiet, so they aren”t looked down upon by their peers who have so-called “higher” expectations. Maybe men who share these dreams are afraid to speak up, because they are liable to get slapped in the face for being “sexist.” My best guess is that these people are just working quietly in the background, the same way loving parents have been doing for years, without their past-due credit.

Brett Lantz

LSA sophomore

International law can help Palestinians

To the Daily:

As International Law Prof. Francis Boyle of the University of Illinois wrote, “As a condition for its admission to the United Nations, Israel formally agreed to accept General Assembly Resolution 181 (II) (1947) (partition/Jerusalem trusteeship) and General Assembly Resolution 194 (III) (1948) (Palestinian right of return), inter alia.” He stated that Israel”s violation of these conditions makes its membership in the UN null and void.

The point is that with this as well as other international institutions, the mechanisms for delivering justice to the Palestinian people already exist at the international level. American insistence on mediating through the facade of an “honest broker” has been detrimental and rendered these mechanisms powerless. American bias is too strong to invest legitimacy in its enforcement of international law. For example, American institutions of power have a collective memory and experience that more closely matches the Israeli Jewish history of settlement and domination of a God-given “new frontier.” American power elites cannot possibly understand the sufferings of the Palestinian people.

Only through an international commission, with full support from the United States, representing a pluralism of cultures, experiences and interests, will we see the implementation of international law and something closer to justice. We cannot expect the United States to play an impartial judge, but we can ask her to support the decision of the jury.

Will Youmans


Bollinger coverage not good for “U”

To the Daily:

I can”t get over the attention that the Daily has given to University President Lee Bollinger being courted by another school. How can the Daily think that it”s something to brag about that Bollinger”s going to ditch us for a “better” school?

The Daily makes it sound so impressive that he”s being all coy about what he would do if he were in the position to choose. If he”s leaving the University for Harvard or any other school, that”s not something that we should advertise.

How often do you hear people going around, bragging “Hey, Becky just told me she heard that Dan was thinking about breaking up with me for Sarah! Can you believe it? Sarah! How flattering!” That doesn”t happen, but the Daily is making us as a University seem like we”re doing the same thing because Bollinger is going to go and as a student, that”s not cool.

Bridgett Mamola

LSA sophomore

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