Herrmann doesn’t understand how modern college offenses work

To the Daily:

I’m curious if Michigan defense coordinator Jim Herrmann realizes that a college football offense no longer consists of “three yards and a cloud of dust.” At least the inventor of that offense, Bo Schembechler himself, noticed it when interviewed in the press box!

Jeremy Segall



Unpaid Move-In crew gets job done

To the Daily:

I just wanted to take a moment to recognize a group of people that I got to know very well last week during move in. For six days, these Move-In Makers spent their afternoons helping hundreds of students move into Mary Markley Hall. Waiting in the heat of the day for the next loaded van to pull up to the front doors of Markley, they were always ready with a bin and a smile to help another family move in. What most students who move in don’t realize is that being a Move-In Maker is not a paid position. As a co-coordinator of the Move-In Makers at Markley, not even I was paid.

The volunteers of the afternoon crew were freshmen, sophomores and even juniors — most lived in Markley, but others lived in South Quadrangle, Cambridge House at West Quadrangle, Couzens Hall and even off-campus. These students oftentimes went without thanks but they were always ready to find bins in the halls, help move furniture around in rooms and carry the empty boxes and trash left scattered in the halls to the loading dock for recycling.

These Move-In Makers went above and beyond my expectations, and I wanted to recognize them for helping Markley successfully move in. My afternoon crew — Paris, Thomas, Steve, the other Steve, Francis, Scott, Sara, Nick, Brian, Mike, Chris, Elise, Sarah, Katherine, Brian L., Liz, Michael, Jamie, Shaun, Rachel S., Rachel T., Chris V., Dimitry, David W., David X., Kris, Jan and Judy — thank you. I also wanted to thank the morning crew at Markley, who had already helped many families by the time I arrived for my shift, as well as all the Move-In Makers and coordinators across campus who at one time or another probably helped move you, the reader, into your residence hall. My thanks also extends to the building and maintenance staff, the front desk staff, and the resident advisers at Markley, as well as in all the residence halls, for their help in making it another successful year of Move-In at the University.

Monica Sendor

LSA sophomore

The letter writer was the co-coordinator of Move-In Makers at Mary Markley Hall.

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