Anti-rainbow letter disgraces ‘U’

To the Daily:

In response to Mark Drinkall’s letter (Homosexuality promotes sex with children, beasts, 08/01/05), I would just like to say thank you. Thank you for setting a fine example as to what it means to be a University alum. When I graduate this coming April, I only hope to be as narrow-minded and ignorant as you, sir. In stating indirectly that rainbow stickers will lead to the breakdown of society, I say you have absolutely no evidence. You did, however, go on in length about a book and a man who holds no credibility outside of the realm of Christianity. I thought that college, and in particular a fine institution such as the University, was a place of higher thinking and reasoning, not of ignorance. I am not smiting you because of your religious affiliation or your beliefs on the subject of homosexuality, pedophilia or even bestiality for that matter. I am, however, asking that in the future you do not have published such unfounded accusations about anything while affiliating yourself with the University of Michigan in an attempt to spare the good name of it and those attending it. Thank you.

Sean McDaniel

School of Education senior


No backing to anti-gay letter

To the Daily:

I was deeply disturbed to open up the Daily to find the letter printed by Mark Drinkall (Homosexuality promotes sex with children, beasts, 08/01/05). I am from a conservative town and am therefore used to right-wing bigotry in its uglier forms. However, it was truly sad to read that kind of filth from a graduate of this great university. I am currently a student here, and I enjoy the diverse and open-minded environment the University provides. I was surprised at the ridiculous nature of Drinkall’s letter. Being a University alum, I would expect some form of coherent argument. Instead, he takes us down some terrible, slippery slope that leads from homosexuality to pedophilia. He wants to tell us that if we normalize deviant lifestyles we are embarking upon some horrible “trend.” He fails to show how homosexuality, however, is a deviant lifestyle. His only justification, it seems, is his opinion. Drinkall also warns us all of the danger of the “homosexual agenda,” some catch-phrase used recently by the right wing. If the “homosexual agenda” is to gain acceptance into society without being discriminated against by people like Drinkall, I really don’t see any reason to be afraid. I’ve read this rehashed right-wing argument before, but it was truly sad to see that someone could pass through this university and come out so closed-minded. I’m sorry for Drinkall, for it seems he missed out on the great, diverse experience offered at the University. What a shame.

Nate Brunner

LSA junior


Ann Arbor residents should support gay community, NYPD

To the Daily:

This letter is written in response to Mark Drinkall’s letter (Homosexuality promotes sex with children, beasts, 08/01/05), in which he castigates the owners of New York Pizza Depot on William Street for their decision to display a rainbow flag in the front window of their store.

I wish to congratulate the owners of NYPD on their courageous attempt to support the gay community by displaying this sticker and encourage all the moral and thinking members of the University community to also show their support for NYPD in a tangible way.

In his letter, Drinkall suggests that NYPD has been forced to cater to Ann Arbor’s homosexual community. He laments the “fact” that Ann Arbor businesses are forcibly used as tools of the “gay agenda” — as if the homosexual community offers nothing in return!

What is disturbing about Drinkall’s letter is his apparent inability to comprehend the basic fact that homosexuals are not just unwelcome “guests,” but are instead full and equal citizens under the law — citizens with equal rights to unapologetic, full access. This misunderstanding of basic constitutional principles is the cornerstone of Drinkall’s argument.

Drinkall suggests in his letter that homosexuals should be grudgingly tolerated in Ann Arbor businesses, but not welcomed as valued repeat customers. He also implies that business owners who attempt to openly court homosexual business should be punished (in the name of Christian love). In fact, he is supporting a boycott of NYPD for their insubordinate act of openly supporting the gay community!

Certainly, we should not embrace this kind of intolerance at a time when this country is being transformed by immigrants from around the world. Gays have the right to enter and be served “just like anybody else,” but they also have the right to demand the best of service (just like religious zealots!)

It should be obvious that homosexuals are not going away. But their rights to live as equal citizens in this country will continue to be eroded unless all members of the intellectual community stand up and fight back. It is high time that the thinking people of Ann Arbor stood up and fought back against such brazen acts of bigotry.

I hope that others will join me in my open support of the owners of NYPD and other brave business owners who have had the courage to cater to Ann Arbor’s homosexual community.

Equal rights are not “special” rights! The time to fight back is now!

Brian Durrance


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