Daily right to print lead stories about Greek system

To the Daily:

I would just like to thank the Daily for pissing off sorority girls and frat boys alike. As I was sitting in class today, I heard the incessant whining of a sorority girl complaining about the Daily putting the ATO story on its front page (Campus chapter of ATO closed, 04/12/2005, ATO charter suspended, 04/11/2005). As the campus newspaper, there is nothing wrong with placing this story on the front page, as it is the most significant and interesting article for the University’s students. Let’s face it, the majority of the student body actually does care more about ATO closing than down than about the Mott donation (Mott receives $25m gift, 04/11/2005). So despite the several complaints you may receive, I just wanted to thank you for keeping us all informed about the shortcomings of the Greek System … and for pissing off the ugly sorority girls in my classes.

Christy Connelly

LSA freshman


Daily stereotypes all Greeks with misleading headline

To the Daily:

Stereotyping is a bad thing. This is generally something that we are taught both in school and culturally and can be said to apply fairly equally to whatever issue at hand. In response to the article Greeks homophobic, LBGT say (04/12/2005), I have to wonder what your newspaper hoped to accomplish by posting a front-page headline perpetuating a stereotype about an entire community of diverse Michigan students, followed by an article that in its entirety doesn’t appear to do anything except further perpetuate other stereotypes.

I suppose I shouldn’t be surprised that the Daily in its unchallenged “editorial freedom” would so blatantly position headlines to reflect negative bias of the Greek system; it’s been happening a few times a week recently. I’m not surprised that The Michigan Daily has chosen to blanket the entire Greek community with a term such as homophobia. I’m not even surprised that the article seems to be void of any actual investigative reporting or journalistic merit. I am surprised however that time and time again articles are printed so closely along the lines of libel that nobody has ever stopped to question the fact there is a letter to the editor in almost every issue addressing an apparent bias in any article regarding the Greek system (or any other article not copied verbatim from The Associated Press).

Particularly relevant to this situation is a quote attributed to Oscar Wilde — “There is much to be said in favor of modern journalism. By giving us the opinions of the uneducated, it keeps us in touch with the ignorance of the community.” Thank you, Michigan Daily, for all the opinions of your journalism club, and for telling the rest of the student body what to think and who to fear — the “hyper-masculine and hyper-feminine.”

Bill Kraus

LSA senior


It is immoral for the Daily to smear Greeks on front page

To the Daily:

In my first three years as a student on this campus, I remember the Daily offering a bipartisan, unbiased viewpoint on the daily events occurring on campus. I am a senior who is not affiliated with the Greek system, however, I cannot help but feel as though any diversity of opinion in articles concerning the Greek system has been replaced with the opinions of a few.

The most glaring example of this came in the front-page article titled Greeks homophobic, LGBT say (04/12/2005). Here was an article on activities held by the Greek community in order to raise awareness of the gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender community and awareness of perceived homophobia by the Greek system. Nowhere in the article is there any evidence to show the Greek system as homophobic, or to even show that the LGBT community says they are, only that there is a societal perception which they are fighting against. In return for their efforts to raise awareness, they earn the headline “Greeks homophobic.”

I understand that people have negative opinions of the Greek system, but to use your power of influence over thousands of people to completely mislead the public and negatively portray a large body of students with unfounded headlines is immoral.

Nick Stadts

LSA senior

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