Sisterhood, despite losing its charter, will live on in spirit

To the Daily:

As I do every day, this morning I picked up a copy of your paper, but today I could not believe the bold print staring back at me: AEP shut down (04/04/.2005). I must admit, the whole experience is still sinking in — we just found out last night that not only was our sorority shut down, but now as a member of the freshman pledge class, I would be left stranded next year without a place to live. Now, not only have our attempts to show the University community that the stereotypes that have been placed on us are incredibly incorrect interpretations of our character not been successful, but we have the Daily printing out these false allegations. I went to all AEPhi events during my pledge term and even met with the Office of Student Conflict Resolution to dissolve any rumors that may have been circling about what goes on behind closed doors.

Not once were any of us forced into acts which we did not mutually agree to participate in and never were any of us forced to eat food that we did not wish to consume. Even more incorrect were your allegations of “coerced theft and trespassing … psychological abuse.” Looking at how all the girls in my sorority have stuck together and helped each other deal with this tragedy should be viewed as the ideal way in which a sorority should function.

Now more than ever, I can say that I am so proud to be part of a community of bright, intelligent and loving women who should not be blamed nor held responsible for any of these false allegations. At the end of this year, although AEPhi will leave our community, the girls will say goodbye to our sorority with our heads held high, and we will do it boldly and gracefully. It was once said that “a woman is like tea, you can not tell how strong she is until you put her in hot water.” Although we lost our home, we will take the confidence and strength that AEPhi has given us and carry it with us throughout our future endeavors. We do not need a sorority to unify us or validate the friendships we have made throughout the year. With or without Greek letters, we will always be a sisterhood.

Allison Rothman

The letter writer is an LSA freshman and member of Alpha Epsilon Phi




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