Hoard’s biblical agenda is not large enough in scope

To the Daily:

As an avid reader of the Bible, I was shocked to read Joel Hoard’s account of his son seeing  homosexuals and not knowing what those abominations were (How the homosexuals stole my child’s innocence, 02/24/2005).

Additionally, I think he is correct in assessing the eternal fate of gays and should continue to push his agenda.

My problem with his column is that it is myopic in biblical scope. Hoard should go beyond mere homosexual damnation and speak to his impressionable child about how he will sell his future sister into slavery, as Exodus 21:7 advocates. And what about people working on the Sabbath? Shouldn’t he tell his son to stone those who would work on the day of rest, as Leviticus 10:10 would advocates? After all, it’s Leviticus 18:22 that tells us about the sins of homosexuality. And let’s not ignore the elephant in the room — Leviticus 10:10 clearly tells us eating shellfish is an abomination, so it is vital to our nation and religious ideology that we don’t let our kids eat lobster or shrimp, and that we tell them to pray for all those who seek nourishment at Red Lobster or worse, the ninth circle of hell called Long John Silver’s.

Thank you, Joel Hoard, for giving the downtrodden heterosexual white population a voice. The only thing left to do is to make sure nobody has contact with a menstruating woman (Leviticus 15:19-24). Godspeed.

Sean Smith



Homosexuality is a lifestyle, it should not be condemned

To the Daily:

The remarks made by Joel Hoard (How the homosexuals stole my child’s innocence, 02/24/2005) are not only offensive — they are also vile and disgusting. We should be accepting of everyone no matter the difference in one’s belief or lifestyle.

The lifestyle of the homosexual is not an error — it is merely another way of life. They do not need to get their lives “back on track.” Hoard’s narrow-minded and shameful comments were most insensitive. Who is Hoard to judge how people should lead their lives so that they can be on the “right track?” Who is he to refer to a group of people as “lepers?”

My revulsion in reading his column is not so much with his ideological perspective. I am not one to judge other people’s religious or ideological beliefs. However, I do have huge problems with the fact that he indicated the need to change the lifestyle of a group of people.

Hoard states: “I told him about how homosexuality started in the summer of 1967, when the hippies decided to challenge the natural order that God established at the beginning of time.” I would strongly advise Hoard to enroll in Women’s Studies 345 — an Introduction to Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Studies. This would open his perspective greatly and allow him to make more informed comments. Homosexuality has existed long before 1967.

Hoard further refers to homosexuals as people who have been “stricken with disease and poverty.” The fact is scientific attempts demonstrating that homosexual attraction is biologically determined have failed time and time again. The way we consider homosexuality in our culture is an ethical and a moral question. Homosexuality is not an illness that one “suffers from.” Hoard should not render judgments about human worth or about what constitutes normality or disease.

My intentions here are basically two things: One, people should realize that there are huge prejudices unfortunately being carried into future generations. And two, being homosexual is not for people to judge. It is another lifestyle, and we as unprejudiced individuals, should all strive to embrace diversity in our society.

Dani Chan

LSA sophomore


If only Hoard’s column was truly satirical

To the Daily:

Hilarious! Joel Hoard’s column (How the homosexuals stole my child’s innocence, 02/24/2005) was the one of the best pieces of satire on homophobia that I’ve ever seen.

“Homosexuality started in the summer of 1967, when hippies decided to challenge the natural order that God established at the beginning of time.” Come on! That’s great stuff, this guy should write for the Daily Show!

Unfortunately, it appears that Hoard was being serious. And while I laugh at his ludicrous assertions about history, I’m saddened by the ignorance he seems to be passing on to his six-year-old son.  

Hoard writes that he “saw his first homosexual” when he was 23. In reality, he’s been seeing gay and lesbian people all of his life.

He just hasn’t known that they were gay or lesbian because they haven’t told him. He’s also learned about historical figures like Socrates, Alexander the Great and Oscar Wilde, but hasn’t learned about their homosexual activities. Estimates suggest that more than 10 percent of the U.S. population is gay, lesbian or bisexual, but even half of this would imply that we’ve all met plenty of queers before coming to college.  

More important to Hoard may be the teachings of Jesus that suggest a different approach to working with our gay and lesbian sisters and brothers. Hoard points out that Jesus not only loved the most reviled in his day, he also walked among them. Praying that someone changes who they are to fit a narrow interpretation of religious doctrine is hardly an act of love. I invite Hoard to walk among the LGBT community with an open mind and an open heart. He may then come to know his neighbors and learn to love his neighbors as himself.

Aaron Traxler-Ballew



Hoard’s column fails to understand real loss of innocence

To the Daily:

How saddening it was to read Joel Hoard’s recent column (How the homosexuals stole my child’s innocence, 02/24/2005). The curiosity, wonderment and innocence that children have are truly admirable. It is unfortunate that, as we grow older, some of us lose that innocence and wonderment and are filled instead with hatred and bigotry. Hoard’s column clearly indicates that he misunderstands how this happens. It seems he doesn’t realize that it wasn’t two men holding hands in Chelsea that stole his child’s innocence — he did.

With curiosity, his son asked a question about the two men, and instead of explaining love, courage and the value of tolerance, Hoard chose instead to express hatred, ignorance and intolerance by telling him the men were sinners that would be “going to hell.”

Hoard’s son’s innocence is lost, yes, but “the homosexuals” are not to blame.

Jeff A. Souva

LSA senior


Hoard’s satire should be applauded by liberals

To the Daily:

I would like to thank Joel Hoard for his column (How the homosexuals stole my child’s innocence, 02/24/2005). Hoard’s caustic humor resonates because of its amazing resemblance to the conservative papers that speak for a puzzling majority in this country. That’s what good satire can do: dress up as a distasteful social trend and let the ugly costume speak for itself. Satire has been a time-proven vehicle for social change, but in this McCarthy-esque climate of unyielding political correctness, the liberals don’t have the guts to put it out there. Why? Because it risks stepping on diverse toes. Here’s to a liberal with guts. Swift couldn’t have said it any better.

Sarah Rubin


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