Writer misunderstands value of monologues

To the Daily:

Not only is Victoria Edwards not able to make a clear statement about what she thought about this weekend’s production of “The Vagina Monologues,” (‘Monologues shock and inform,’ 02/21/2005) but I don’t think she actually understands what the show is about. Based on her review, I’m not even sure she saw the show. For one thing, the monologues are not intended to portray men in a negative light. But when the monologues point out instances of men not treating women properly or even just not understanding the personal attributes of women, it is bringing out one of the pillars of the vday campaign — to bring awareness to the violence and assault against women in hopes of rectifying the situation. Especially with “My Vagina Was My Village,” Edwards claimed it was too graphic and the shock value was too high. Well, when it comes to the type of horrific rape and violence situations most of us are blessed to have never even heard of, the point of the Monologues is to share this type of experience in order to make us all aware of it. If graphic, but true, language is what it takes to express one woman’s story and move the audience, then that’s the monologue being true to art and the women it represents. This production is also about women embarrassing themselves in a society and a world in which that is not made easy. Based on reviews from female (and male) audience members, the Vagina Monologues was a huge success. I hope next year Edwards will not only attend the show, but keep these things in mind.

Valerie Warner  LSA sophomore

The letter writer was a member of the “Vagina Monologues” cast.


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