Daily used insensitive language in article

To the Daily:

After reading a recent article (Student tosses possessions out of U Towers window, 12/22/2004), I was amazed that the third-to-the-last sentence was allowed to be included in the article. It read: “Many of the pictures thrown out the window depicted two men who appeared to be of college age.” I feel as though this sentence does not particularly add any value to the article, but does imply that the student is homosexual. Mental illness and homosexuality both carry heavy stigmas and some people feel as though homosexuals are mentally ill. I am personally not homosexual, however, this one line stuck out to me like a sore thumb. A newspaper should be unbiased and should not imply certain things without a factual basis. Please be more sensitive to what is written between the lines of your articles.

Gawin Tsai

LSA senior


Wolverines receive a nod of approval from a Longhorn fan

To the Daily:

As a totally biased observer, I watched the Rose Bowl Saturday night. I witnessed two of the classiest athletic programs going head to head. No cheap shots. No crying to the officials. Just blood and guts, leave it all on the field. It went down to the final two seconds, as it should in a game like this. It could have gone either way. Some of the very best in athletics and athleticism were viewed by millions around the country.

I hope that it doesn’t take another two or three generations before these two teams meet again. Congratulations to the University of Michigan for an excellent game and a heck of a season.

Marc Kirsch

Austin, Texas

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