Reforms to LSA more complicated than advertised

To the Daily:

I would like to applaud the Daily in its efforts covering the potential reforms to the College of Literature, Science, and the Arts, as it is very necessary for students to be informed about the changes that could affect them. However, there are a few inaccuracies, which I would like to clarify. In the editorial “Minor momentum (12/06/2004),” it was mentioned that Dean Terrence McDonald and LSA Student Government have worked together and will “seek to enlarge the pool of academic minors by adding international relations, kinesiology, religion and chemistry to the array of options already available for the Fall 2005 term.”

Unfortunately, this is not completely true. As I mentioned in the State of the College Address, there is a proposal for two International Relations minors, one focusing on cultural differences between countries and one focusing on the political and economic distinctions. LSA-SG has supported this, and both the College of LSA and LSA-SG are hopeful that these will be implemented by the Fall 2005 academic term.

However, there are no proposals for other minors at this time. I noted that LSA-SG has just begun its research on the possibility of minors in chemistry and religion and increasing opportunities for LSA students in kinesiology, but it is premature to even submit a proposal to the LSA administration. Once our research is complete and if a proposal is submitted, academic changes such as these must be very calculated, and there are many different committees that would look at the proposal. I am hopeful that LSA-SG will find making these changes to be worthwhile endeavors, but that will not be known for some time.

Ryan Ford

LSA junior

The letter writer is the president of LSA-SG


Cal alum wants Blue to ‘run Texas into the ground’

To the Daily:

Michigan and … Texas.

The Rose Bowl pits a Pac-10 team against a Big-10 team. It is the only bowl with any real history. And now, based on six computer rankings, the Longhorns of Texas have crashed the party.

There is no need to recap all the reasons Cal got robbed and the BCS failed once again. But I believe all Cal fans have one request: Please show Texas and its whiny coach Mack Brown that they do not belong in the Rose Bowl. Politicking for votes should never be rewarded like this. Please run Texas into the ground and make it sorry it made it to Pasadena. Go Bears and Go Blue.

Geoff Kertesz

The letter writer is an alum of the University of California at Berkeley



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