MSA can and does get things done with support from the
student body

To the Daily:

Being in law school and the working world means we don’t
enjoy the neighbors blasting the stereo and drunkenly running into
things as much as we did a couple years ago. This past weekend, one
of us was treated to the first Friday and Saturday nights of the
year without a dance mix blaring 15 feet from our bedroom window
until 3 a.m., and that silence wasn’t a random

It was fall break.

After three years of having two days off during the busiest time
of the fall for students, smack in the middle of midterms, we can
clearly say that the fears (despite their 8-0 vote in passing the
fall break) held by some members of the University Board of Regents
three years ago have proven repudiated. The creation of a four-day
holiday understandably sparked some worries of increased drinking,
hospital visits, etc., but the regents’ trust in our proposal
and claims has been shown to be well founded.

After three years, overwhelmingly positive changes (as we
predicted) have happened. Campus was dead quiet this weekend.
Students are developing patterns/habits/routines of either locking
themselves into libraries or traveling home for the extended break,
and we wouldn’t doubt that our collective mental
health/performance on exams/papers have improved

We write this letter to note this fact today because sometimes
the lack of recognition for improvements leads to their demise.
Last fall, Entree Plus usage was removed from the Big House
temporarily because the Michigan Student Assembly and the student
body failed to keep pressure on the athletic department to show how
much it was appreciated and utilized. Not that we would suspect the
regents of wanting to remove the break for any reason, but merely
as an insurance policy, we hope that this letter and other voicing
by students to the Regents and administration of our approval of
fall break’s implementation will keep us from having to fight
for a re-institution of fall break as well.

Fall break has been a tremendously successful addition to the
University calendar, especially for first-year students trying to
get home during a changing time and stands today as proof that MSA
can effect positive change for campus. Thanks to all of our fellow
students for backing up our claims to the administration with your
usage of the break, and here’s to decades more to come.

Matt Nolan

Jessica Cash

Nolan is a student in the University’s Law School. He
and Cash were the president and vice president, respectively, of
the Michigan Student Assembly from 2001 to 2002.

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