Yankees fans are loyal during the regular season

To the Daily:

As a Yankees fan, I am offended by a recent column published in
the Oct. 13 edition of The Michigan Daily. In response to the
column, Fans at the root of Yankee hatred, by Sharad Mattu,
I feel that Mattu’s absurdly biased opinion is faulty and

The fans of the New York Yankees are among the most loyal in all
of sports. Mattu says, “Yankees fans pay no attention to
baseball until October, because they know they’ll make the
playoffs.” Personally, I went to 10 games this season. This
season, the Yankees had a home attendance of 3,775,292.
That’s about 300,000 more fans than the next team. The Mets
finished 17th, and they have 40 percent of the New York area fan
base, according to a Quinnipiac Poll.

My Captain Theory proves how uneducated Met fans really are.
John Franco, a local New Yorker and struggling pitcher for the Mets
for 15 years, is the captain of the team and the heart of the Mets
franchise. Yet game after game, Met fans boo him whenever he enters
or exits a game. In the Bronx, Derek Jeter is the captain of the
Yankees. Yankee fans never booed him, even when he batted .189 at
the end of May.

If someone is going to hate the Yankees, hate them because of
the payroll, hate them for their front office and hate them because
they win all the time. Do not hate them for the fans! Mattu, I know
that you are jealous of the Yankees, and you chose the wrong team
to root for growing up, but don’t bring your frustration out
on the fans of the Yankees; it’s very unprofessional.
I’d like to close with a quote recently stated by Steve Lyons
(baseball commentator), “They are the most loyal and
knowledgeable fans in all of baseball.”

Matt Steinberg

LSA sophomore


Daily editorial page finally home to variety of views

To the Daily:

I find it ironic how Max Kimbrough (Daily columnist took
conservative cheap shots, told lies about Democrats
, 10/12/04)
accuses D.C. Lee (Random thoughts on Kerry, Edwards and Bush,
10/11/04) of putting forth ad hominem attacks when his own entire
last paragraph was nothing more than an argument of that exact

Personally, I found Lee’s column to be a refreshing
anomaly amid all the left-wing rhetoric consistently promulgated by
the Daily’s editorial page. I applaud the Daily for finally
attempting to assemble an editorial board more encompassing of the
broad spectrum of political views that exist, rather than positing
the pretense that only one logical position exists on every issue.
I sincerely hope the Daily will continue to offer a more balanced
gamut of political opinions in the future and thus alter the
exclusively liberal slant that has so characterized it in the

Ian MacKenzie



Housing rush ties Greek system’s hands

To the Daily:

Although I was surprised to see a Daily editorial stick up for
the Greek system at the University (Greek autonomy,
10/12/2004), I couldn’t help but notice the nice little cheap
shot the editorial made at fall Rush. What it failed to mention was
all the pressure our national organizations put on us to fill up
the housing leases really quickly. The editorial should have
mentioned that the root of the problem lies in lease-signing in Ann

Housing corporations make us all commit to a lease very early in
the fall semester. While I agree that Greek Rush is too early in
the year, it needs to pre-empt the housing rush. We would all
struggle each year to fill our homes that so many people on this
campus love to come to and trash with us.

What I would recommend is some kind of student renters’
union. If we could all sign some type of legally binding contract
that states, “I will not sign a lease until (insert
date),” I believe the Greek system could definitely delay the
Rush process.

Joseph Kesner

LSA senior

The letter writer is a member of the fraternity Alpha Epsilon


Bush has made a number of mistakes as president

To the Daily:

When an audience member asked President Bush to name his three
biggest mistakes in last week’s debate, Bush failed to name a
single one. Bush not only lacks the resolve to correct his colossal
misjudgments, but he doesn’t even have the presence of mind
to admit them. Well, Mr. Bush, because your memory is so scarce
(probably from the 20 years you spent drinking and driving around
Texas while John Kerry was continuing his service to our nation in
the U.S. Senate), I’ve taken the liberty of compiling some of
your most serious mistakes for you. Since a list of all your major
mistakes would be a 1,000-page epic, I’ll try to keep it

You ignored your director of intelligence before Sept. 11 when
he presented you with a brief entitled “Bin Laden Determined
to Attack on U.S. Soil.”

You failed to capture Osama Bin Laden when you had him cornered
in Tora Bora (this was consistent with your policy of outsourcing
American jobs to foreign labor markets).

You lied to the American people, Congress and the world by
telling us that Saddam had WMDs when he clearly did not and hastily
rushed us into Iraq without a plan to win or an exit strategy.

You gave a tax cut to the wealthiest 1 percent of Americans
(probably your old drinking buddies) and turned our $5 trillion
projected surplus into a $2 trillion deficit, wasting $7

You failed to fund the No Child Left Behind Act, sending a
crushing blow to the public school system and leaving millions of
children without a quality education.

I’d like to recommend Mr. Bush, that you keep a copy of
these points in your pocket to “refresh your memory”
the next time you’re faced with that question. America
can’t afford four more years of your mistakes.

Omkar Karthikeyan

Medical School

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