Wear maize, cheer loud during tomorrow’s game

To the Daily:

I don’t need to remind you all of the importance of this
weekend’s homecoming battle against Minnesota. This is the
biggest home game of the season. We must retain the Little Brown
Jug. We need our team to carry us on to victory, and to do so, the
team needs us. So, the time has come once again for the student
section to “Maize Out.” Go to Steve & Barry’s
and get that maize hoody for under $20, or wear as many layers as
you can underneath your maize student section shirt. But no matter
what, wear MAIZE on the outside. The visual effect of the
“Maize Out” will be awesome, especially considering the
fact that the majority of the stadium will probably be wearing

We need to be there for our team like never before. Every time
our Wolverines hit the field, we all go crazy … every time,
no matter what. Being a Michigan fan isn’t just about
cheering when we’re doing well. Anybody can do that. Being a
Michigan fan is about becoming the 12th man, feeling all the pain,
sweat and blood that comes with any football game, and yet, still
cheering with all of our hearts. Put an end to the notion that
Michigan Stadium isn’t loud enough. After the game, I want
the Minnesota offense to describe our stadium with one word, and
one word only: deafening.

In addition, I have one more small request of you, the students.
When the band comes storming out of the tunnel for pre-game, I want
the entire student section to be filled. I guarantee, we will give
you what you need to start the game off right, and you, in turn
will give the team what they need. Here’s to a great

Dennis Lee

Engineering junior

The letter writer is the drum major of the Michigan Marching


Criticism of Israel should be balanced, based in fact

To the Daily:

Name-calling and vilifying The Anti-Defamation League, an
esteemed 91-year old civil rights agency which spends countless
hours building bridges of understanding between diverse cultures
and ethnic groups in our community and around the world, does not
make what Sravya Chirumamilla said true (I don’t stand
with Israel and I’m not anti-Semitic
, 10/6/04). The ADL
prides itself on recognizing that there is a place for dialogue and
disagreement about Israeli policies and actions, which in and of
itself does not constitute anti-Semitism. The sovereign state of
Israel can be criticized, just as any other county in the world
should be, when its actions or policies do not meet the standards
of those critical of specific conduct. However, it is undeniable
that there are those whose criticism of Israel, or of
“Zionism,” is often used to mask deep-seeded
anti-Semitism. Even Harvard Law Professor Alan Dershowitz, one of
Israel’s staunchest supporters, realizes with democracy one
is open to criticism saying “balanced criticism of Israel and
of specific policies of its government is proper and essential to
democratic governance.” The critical term there is

Unfortunately, Israel is often held to a different standard.
Singling out Israel for condemnation without even commenting on
similar, or worse, actions or policies committed by other nations
around the world with impunity, makes one wonder about a
writer’s true motivation.

Chirumamilla’s questioning of Jerusalem as a part of
Israel, and whether Israel is really a democracy, shows her lack of
knowledge and understanding. No serious and knowledgeable student
of the Middle East would ever question whether Jerusalem was part
of Israel. As the only truly democratic country in that part of the
world, Israel is a beacon others in the region should aspire to
become. Israel deserves the support of America and the
Anti-Defamation League. There is room for disagreement, dialogue
and “balanced” conversation, which many at the
University and at the ADL have done and continue to do. However,
before such conversations occur, we need to start with facts.

Betsy Kellman

Judi Schram

The letter writers are the regional director and regional board
chair, respectively, of the Anti-Defamation League.

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