Proposal 2 will not pass, voters will be unwilling to accept
the consequences


To the Daily:

I am writing to you regarding a recent story, Polls: Michigan
likely to vote for gay marriage ban
(09/30/04). The story cited
a figure of 60 percent of Michigan voters in favor of a “gay
marriage ban.” I agree that this percentage probably does not
support marriage rights for same-sex couples. Many people in
Michigan — indeed across the country — are
uncomfortable with the idea of marriage for gays and lesbians.
However, polls have shown that although people are reluctant to
extend marriage to same-sex couples, they support extending legal
protections to those same couples and oppose outright
discrimination. This is why I do not believe that 60 percent of
Michigan voters support Proposal 2, as it does not simply ban
marriage for same-sex couples, which is already illegal in this
state (multiple times, in fact). It bans any recognition of
relationships — same or opposite sex — besides
marriage. This means no civil unions or domestic partner benefits
— benefits that people, including children, currently receive
and will lose should Proposal 2 pass. As people are learning how
far-reaching this amendment is, the support for it is dropping.
Fair-minded people of Michigan will vote no on Proposal 2 in

D’Anne Witkowski


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