‘U’ officials urge all students to register and


To the Daily:

In his 1906 Address to the Nation, W.E.B. Du Bois observed that
“with the right to vote goes everything.”

We agree most wholeheartedly. The power and right to vote is a
bedrock element of engagement with our democracy.

We urge members of our community not to take this right for
granted, and to make your voices heard in our Nov. 2 elections.

In order to do so, you must register to vote by Monday, Oct. 4.
You can register in many ways, detailed on the Michigan Student
Assembly’s Voice Your Vote webpage at
http://www.msa.umich.edu/mgovote2004/register.shtml. The state of
Michigan’s Voter Information Center is located at
https://www.sospublius.org/ .

You can also complete your registration form on campus, if you
see one of the dozens of Voice Your Vote volunteers now visiting
the residence halls, the Diag and the Michigan Union.

In the presidential election of 2000, Voice Your Vote volunteers
registered nearly 7,000 individuals, placing the University in the
top three campuses nationwide for new voter registrations. Their
ambitious goal this year is to register more than double that
number of voters.

As we saw in the 2000 election, every vote counts. Make sure
that includes you!

Mary Sue Coleman

University president

E. Royster Harper

University vice president for student affairs


Moore’s dissent not inherently anti-American


To the Daily:

In Andrew Laskowski’s letter to the editor (MSA’s
promotion of Michael Moore is inappropriate, 9/28/04), he portrays
Michael Moore as an offensive, dishonest proprietor of dangerous
ideas. That’s fine. I disagree, but disparate viewpoints are
good; they further the marketplace of ideas that is essential to

However, he then goes on to call Moore
“anti-American,” and questions his patriotism, and
dammit, that pisses me off. Pointing out a perceived flaw in our
country is not anti-American. Pointing out several perceived flaws
in our country is also not anti-American. Stating that, perhaps,
another country has a system of dealing with X or Y that is more
effective than ours is not anti-American, and even doing all this
in a time of war is not anti-American. Moore is a citizen of the
United States, who is exercising his constitutionally given right
to free speech to expose perceived problems in America so that they
can be solved. You could argue that it is more American to direct
attention to a weakness in the hopes that it might be bolstered
than it is to shut your eyes, put your fingers in your ears and
call it patriotism.

Call Moore dishonest, call him dishonorable, fine. But our
country is not best served by blind obedience. Our country is best
served by seeking out problems and solving them, in order to make
the nation stronger. Tarring those with opposing, even offensive,
viewpoints as “unpatriotic” chills that process, and
that is anti-American.

Jill Siegelbaum



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