Coleman is the reason Blue has lost twice to Iowa since her

To the Daily:

I got a problem with University President Mary Sue Coleman. The
problem is that ever since she quit being the University of
Iowa’s president and starting being our president,
we’ve lost to Iowa in football. Two years in a row! Former
University President and all-around cool guy Lee Bollinger became
the president in 1996 after a brief stint as Provost at Dartmouth
College, a school we would never ever lose to in football. In fact,
the only time we ever played the Big Green, in 1950, we destroyed
them 27-7. And Michigan was a perfect 3-0 versus Iowa during
Bollinger’s tenure. And we hadn’t loss to the Hawkeyes
since 1990 until Coleman got here. My point is, we have to win this
weekend. If we don’t, I think we should think about getting a
new president. I bet Dartmouth can spare another provost.

Fred Simmons



Daily redeems bottle-cap based drinking games

To the Daily:

The brothers of Pi Kappa Phi were pleased to see Beirut listed
in your Top 5 List (The Furious Five, 09/22/04). Since at least
1995, Beirut has been the game of choice in our house, and for
years we have been ridiculed by the ignorant in the ways of the
bottle cap. Hats off to you, and especially Jared Newman, for
reaching enlightenment.

Kyle Burleson

LSA sophomore

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