Daily insensitive in reporting student’s death

To the Daily:

It has been with great disappointment that we have read the
Daily’s report on the passing of Kristi Sprecher, a resident
of Cambridge House (Student found dead in dorm, 09/07/04).
Not only were we shocked and dismayed by the Daily headline on the
first day of class, “Student Found Dead in Dorm,” but
we were further disappointed by the Daily’s insensitivity to
the memory of Kristi.

It is apparent that instead of respectfully informing the campus
community of the passing of one of their fellow classmates, the
Daily chose to sensationalize an unfortunate occurrence with an
overdramatic headline.

The random collection of quotes meant to memorialize Kristi in
the follow up article, “Campus Reacts to Student’s
Death,” were neither appropriate nor thoughtful. The passing
of a student is a difficult time for the University as well as for
family and friends, and we believe that the Daily did not consider
this in its reporting.

Amy Keller and Jeff Souva

Keller is the president of the Residence Hall Association and
an LSA senior. Souva is an executive assistant to the Residence
Hall Association and an LSA senior.


Bush’s corporate capture bad for environment

To the Daily:

I’ve wondered why I’ve heard nothing of the
environmental record of President Bush, the worst record of any
president in history. I was blaming environmental groups, but now I
know the real reason.

The corporations who finance his campaigns, whose former
employees he appointed to run the federal agencies designed to
protect us and our public lands from them, own the media outlets,
or threaten them with lawsuits or lost revenue.

General Electric is the parent company of NBC, one of the
most-watched news outlets. It’s responsible for a number of
Superfund toxic waste sites around the country and is the company
who destroyed the Hudson River with PCBs, among other things. It is
facing billions in cleanup costs for it.

The biggest story of this election should be the corporate
takeover of the federal government and the “air waves”
that by law are supposed to be owned by the public for the good of
our democracy.

Go back to the months prior to Sept. 11, when the Bush
administration’s obvious agenda from the beginning was
suspending every Clinton-Gore environmentally friendly action.
There was the National Energy Policy written by the still secret
task force composed of energy company executives and lobbyists.

Sept. 11 explains why we started the War on Terrorism. We may
never know the real reasons for starting the war on Iraq. However,
both of these have been perfect “smokescreens” for the
corporate takeover of our government and liquidation of our natural
resources for cash. They are newsworthy stories, but I keep
thinking about that movie the “Wag the Dog” with Robert
De Niro and Dustin Hoffman.

The biggest threat to democracy is not terrorism, but corporate
takeover. Please read Robert Kennedy’s new book,
“Crimes Against Nature,” especially chapter 10. And
hurry. It’s getting late. Then, please tell others and

Ray Mathis


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