Depression doesn’t have to control students’ daily lives

In response to the Statement article Wednesday about living with depression (The double life of depression, 10/08/2008), I was somewhat disturbed by the message the writer, Jane Coaston, sent.

Coaston made it sound like all people suffering from depression struggle on a daily basis to make it through without suicidal thoughts. Our society has the perception that those afflicted with depression are “sick” and can’t think clearly. However, there are so many students at the University who suffer from depression, receive treatment and do well. I know several people with depression who say they feel healthy and happy and that they have not had depressive episodes in quite awhile.

I think it is important to point out that not everyone who has depression is crying and suicidal all the time. Many appreciate the joys of life much more after a depressive episode. Living with depression takes personal strength to confront the problem and get treatment, and suffering people should take care of themselves to get the help they need. Sometimes, it takes work to find the right therapist or the right medication, but no one should have to feel alone.

There are solutions out there, and there are people who survive with depression and lead a happy, healthy life.

Melissa Nestor
LSA sophomore

Hillel offers support for more than Jewish students

I would like to thank the Daily for its great coverage Tuesday of the “Go Blue Think Pink” fundraising campaign (Greeks team up to fight cancer, 10/07/2008). It is fantastic to know that University students are among some of the most philanthropic and support so many worthwhile causes.

As the assistant director of Hillel, I wanted to add that we are proud to have our name associated with events like Go Blue Think Pink, Dance Marathon, Pike Comedy Night, Relay for Life, AEPi Splash Bash and many more. Hillel will always be a resource for both Jewish and non-Jewish students and will continue to meet the needs of all students on campus.

We at Hillel would like to offer assistance to any student group, large or small, that is looking for guidance and help in planning events. Feel free to contact me directly at

Thanks again, and Hillel wishes everyone a Happy New Year.

Joel Marcovitch
The letter writer is the assistant director of Hillel.

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