To the Daily:

I’m a current Ph.D. student and I also did my masters and undergraduate study here, so I have been reading the dueling columns that run before the Michigan-Michigan State football game for quite some time now. It seems to me that every year, the Michigan Daily writer assigned to the column gets more and more arrogant.

The writer always says that they’re not our real rival and that Michigan State is only good at basketball and hockey. Or that people only go there because they couldn’t get in to Michigan. This year, Andy Reid didn’t break the trend.

Many times, the State News’s response to the Michigan column has been to call us on our arrogance, and justly so. Reid’s column makes us look like classless, uppity, self-entitled windbags. I hope the Spartans know that we’re not all like that — but unfortunately, they probably don’t. They get a yearly dose of arrogance right before the game, and they can point to it as an example of how all Michigan fans must be.

This year I was pleasantly surprised to see that the State News writer didn’t do that. I thought it was hilarious, even to me — a die-hard maize and blue fan. I appreciate his taking the high(er) road. I’m sure Rich Rod — I mean, “Name Redacted” — had his doubts about being able to beat Michigan State, and I know many of us still have our doubts about him, too.

By the time this letter prints, we will already know what happened: The “adorable” Michigan State fans got an uplifting, improbable win and it made Reid look like an idiot, or we beat them down again and they continue to gripe at our arrogance.

Either way, we lose. Thanks, Andy.

John Harvey

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