I would like to preface this letter by saying that I am an avid reader of the Daily. Thus, I have more or less come to terms with the fact that it is essentially socialist propaganda — and I’m only half-joking here.

I don’t see how the military is the epitome of evil and all that is wrong with the world. Maybe being in ROTC has jaded me, yet I can’t see how military technologies that save the lives of both soldiers and civilians are terrible. Why shouldn’t the University get involved? Military technology is on the forefront of engineering. UAVs are cool. Ask any engineer.

Ben Caleca’s recent column suggests that increasing innovation of automated systems will eventually remove the human element from war, causing war to be more readily engaged, (Problems with point-and-click, 9/13/09). This is utterly insane. First, war is and will always be a costly venture, in terms of money and human lives, with serious ramifications. No one could forget that. Second, without boots on the ground, any gains will quickly be lost. The sister services complement one another. No one service can win alone.

I also don’t see how military research is an embarrassment to the University, as addressed in the Statement last week (Dark side of campus history, 9/8/09). I have a lot of problems with this article, namely that analyzing the past through modern viewpoints is cheap. How about you relate the events to the time frame in which they occurred? No? Not up for historical relevance? All about proving your point? Well done, Daily. Well done.

Anna Sheppard
Engineering junior

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