If you watch HBO’s “Curb Your Enthusiasm,” you may have found a few laughs in my Larry David-esque moment today as I frantically sought out a computer on the Mac side of the Fishbowl. Every time one computer appeared to be free, or someone seemed to be packing up their belongings, I ran over in that direction. Yet time and time again, some sly, scheming, Fishbowl lurker swooped in before I could claim hegemony on the workspace. This carnage ensued for something like 10 minutes, until I eventually got lucky. Unfortunately, I’m certain that this scenario sounds all too familiar to many of my fellow students.

So, I feel inclined to propose a VERY SIMPLE solution to this insanely frustrating process of finding a computer during Fishbowl rush hours: a fully integrated queuing system. ICTS needs to set up two computers at the front of the Fishbowl, one for Macs and one for PCs. If all computers are full, you sign in your name and as a computer frees up, voilà, your name appears on a screen, along with a Pavlov Dog-style “ding” sound indicating that a workspace has opened. This will ensure greater efficiency and, more importantly, fairness, on a first-come, first-served basis.

Delicatessens all over the world have figured this one out already. Pick a number and wait your turn.

Eitan Ingall
LSA senior

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