I am tiring of Matthew Hunter’s consistently incoherent and racist columns, but the article he wrote about the black community and homophobia was just too much. There is an apparent problem with homophobia in society in general, but this view especially permeates the black community as evidenced by the result of the vote on Proposal 8 in California. He partially sees that it is a problem, but then lays the blame on “whites” when he says, “This issue is related to whites to the extent at which all injustices in the black community — from crime to poverty to the education gap — have their roots in the historical relationship between blacks and whites.”

There is no other ethnic group that gets to blame its behavior on oppression. I don’t see many Jewish Americans being homophobic or racist and blaming it on the Nazis’ terrible treatment of their people or claiming that the Nazis taught them to hate gay people. And that, by the way, was a far more recent period of oppression than the time of slavery in the American South.

Why, Mr. Hunter, would you allow the black community to be a victim of their history? Like it or not, the history of every nation is filled with oppressors and victims, but the victims in those societies don’t typically blame their behavior on bad experiences. Every individual is responsible for their views and their actions. We do not live in a country where irresponsible actions have no consequences. Just as the southern white community had to take responsibility for slavery, the black community should take responsibility for its homophobia and other problems they see within their community.

Sarah Doukakos
LSA junior

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