To the Daily:

Regarding Monday’s editorial, I agree that providing housing for all types of people is an admirable goal (From the Daily: Defeat by delay, 09/28/2009).

However, the Daily should note that the seven houses proposed for demolition by City Place already provide affordable housing right now for students. New housing is more expensive than older housing, and anything new on that site will increase the cost of rent. The historic houses provide green lawns and large trees — adding to the “green” aspects already in place. There is no need to dump tons of construction debris in a landfill if we preserve what is already there.

We have a win-win situation with affordable housing for students and preserving important historic buildings. The houses are connected to important figures in Ann Arbor history that have given names to our streets and schools and provided a link to the past that many residents appreciate. I would also note that the city has approved an affordable housing project on North Main Street. In the long run, the city is better off without City Place.

Susan Wineberg

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