Patrick Zabawa’s criticism of apathy on the side of progressive activists is unfounded and demonstrates a lack of understanding of what is truly going on (Hope not in Obama, 01/14/2008) . Yes, progressive activists are trying to get inauguration tickets. Who wouldn’t? However, there is a lot more that progressives are doing than just trying to go to Washington.

The College Democrats includes many of these activists. We are actively working on issues from health care, the environment, women’s issues and prison reform. For example, the Social Justice Committee is working on a postcard campaign to push Governor Granholm to fight for reforms in our prison system that have been recommended by the Department of Corrections. Issue-specific campaigns like these are what are necessary to work on right now, and they are not always out in the open. Unlike a campaign, they do not always involve people waving signs in the street. This does not mean we are any less active. It just means our work has changed, and we are adapting to that change.

Justin Schon
LSA Sophomore

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