In an effort to provide the necessary resources for the student body to flourish academically and socially, the Michigan Student Assembly is expanding its “What To Fix?” (WTF?) campaign. This initiative provides the opportunity for students to submit their grievances or voice concerns via a website ( that is accessible to all students. The Campus Improvement Commission is responsible for obtaining the data and creating small task forces focused on solving the problems presented by members of the student body. Today, Nov. 11, the Campus Improvement Commission will be in Mason Hall soliciting suggestions from you, the students. Stop by anytime between 10 a.m. and 3 p.m.

This initiative comes as MSA focuses on becoming a more transparent and accessible institution. MSA is passionate about its role in increasing the quality of life for University students, and WTF? creates an essential communication channel between the assembly and the student body. The Campus Improvement Commission of MSA encourages you to take an active role in revitalizing campus affairs by logging on to or emailing us at to voice your opinions.

Initiatives that have come to fruition as a result of WTF? suggestions include extending Graduate Library hours on Fridays and implementing a Department of Public Safety emergency text messaging service (377-911 or DPS-911) as an alternative way of reporting a crime. We are in the process of planning a remarkable Go Blue, Beat OSU Week, because you said you wanted better programming. We are also looking to expand wireless web access on the Diag, because you suggested it through the WTF? campaign.

The University of Michigan is one of the best educational institutions in the world, responsible for educating intellectually gifted students and future leaders of our global society. Therefore, the students of the University deserve a rewarding campus environment like no other. MSA is working diligently to provide this.

Alex Serwer
Chair of the MSA Campus Improvement Commission

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