I’m so glad all the Michigan Men happen to write for the Daily. It’s such a fresh breath of air for you guys to let us, the students, know who really is and isn’t fit for the overused and now meaningless title of “Michigan Man.” Hell, I had no clue all you young journalists had the merit and experience to judge who should be fit for the throne as head coach of our football team.

Imran Syed’s recent column (The next Michigan Man, 12/06/2010) is so full of shit that you can tell from his picture that he’s enjoying his own stink. I didn’t know that “Until three years ago, all was well with the state’s great University and its football team.” I forgot about Lloyd Carr giving up on recruiting, giving up on bowl games (losing five out of his last seven) and giving up on “The Game” with Ohio State (losing a pitiful seven out of his last ten).

So, Syed, was Bo a “Michigan Man” because he grew up in Ohio, played for Miami of Ohio and coached for Ohio State or is it because he won games? Because if it’s the latter, then that would mean all it takes to be a “Michigan Man” is winning games. But that would contradict your point that there is more than just winning required to be deemed a “Michigan Man.”

Please tell me how many other coaches these days are “leaders” that push for better academics and an all-around better campus — because I can’t find any. Do you know why I can’t find any? It’s because all the fans (and the media, which includes you) have been getting so worked up about any flaw in Michigan athletics that we simply won’t allow for anything but the best coaches and players.

You see, back in the day the students didn’t all wear the same silly colors to games (What is this, Michigan State?) and there weren’t 500 Michigan apparel stores on campus. People had a little more patience when it came to losing. Coaches weren’t fired every three years because the virtue of patience was a little more prominent. Yes, Roderiguez has a bad record, but as supposedly smart as this school is, getting rid of him doesn’t seem to be wise. With wisdom comes patience. If you did the math (3 wins, 5 wins, and this year 7), you would know that things are headed up. But no: You want results and you want them now. Give me, give me, give me. You sound like a “Michigan Man.”

I mustn’t forget Managing Sports Editor Ryan Kartje, either. Kartje wrote a scathing column speaking against the head coach when Michigan was chosen for a bowl game (Gator Bowl puts Michigan’s coaching farce in spotlight, 12/06/2010) — which is a privilege, not a right, by the way. Athletic Director Dave Brandon is keeping RichRod until after the game because he, unlike you, has patience and doesn’t jump to conclusions like the media and the ungrateful student population. I know if Bo had sung the same Josh Groban song while still alive, you would have certainly praised him faster than I could say “ironically-nonathletic sports columnist.”

Do you really want current Stanford football head coach Jim Harbaugh to be the next Michigan head coach? The guy who grew up a brat in the Michigan football system? The guy who didn’t grab the coaching job the first time around because he was too busy bad-mouthing his former alma mater for their supposed lack of academics? The guy who grew up with a silver, maize and blue spoon in his mouth? Have you read the news recently? Harbaugh has a nice big contract at Stanford. And he’ll probably stay there — but my guess is that’s only because he doesn’t want to have to deal with the bratty, self-entitled students at Michigan.

Keep up the great junior high journalism, guys.

Sam Zettell
School of Music, Theatre & Dance senior

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