I’ve decided to share something really exceptional that occurred in Storrs, Conn. on late Saturday afternoon. And no, it didn’t even happen at the game. Because we live in New York City, my brother and I thought we would take a trip to Connecticut and show our support for the Michigan men’s basketball team. We received an e-mail earlier in the week that said alumni would try to gather at the Nathan Hale Bar prior to the start of the game. Little did we know that the bar was located in the hotel where the team was staying. We heard rumors that the players and staff would soon be coming downstairs to board the bus for the game.

About a hundred of us decided to form two lines and give the team their own “Victor’s Walk.” The assistant coaches came out first, and they could not have been nicer and more friendly. They repeatedly thanked us for making the trip and showing support. As the players made their way down to the lobby, all had big smiles on their faces and began shaking everyone’s hand. Michigan coach John Beilein came down and slapped everyone five while profusely thanking everyone for coming. As an alum, fan and supporter, I can’t tell you what an awesome feeling this was for everybody there. I recall what my college adviser would write at the end of each of his e-mails: “Wherever you go, Go Blue!” That certainly was the case here.

Michael Patton

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